July Special: 100% Pure Essential Oils


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These essential oils listed below can be used for anointing or scenting ritual candles, simply worn as a perfume or for freshening up or charging potpourri (dried flowers) or herbs. Apply a few drops of the oil to your wrists, neck, feet or chest area to achieve desired results. These oils are 100% pure and blessed with your purpose in mind. These oils may be sprinkled in your home and added to cleaning water or bath water, for a powerful effect. Directions included.

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Pearberry Pure Essential Oil

Blessing oil for candles, incense, seals, and baths.
From $3.29

Rain Pure Essential Oil

Helps hit that winning number at lottery or bingo
From $3.29

Rose Pure Essential Oil

Gives you spiritual help, guidance, and power
From $3.29

Sandalwood Pure Essential Oil

Helps you draw and hold money. Never be broke again
From $3.29

Sex On The Beach Pure Essential Oil

Gives you good, hard, pleasurable sex.
From $3.29

Spearmint Pure Essential Oil

Destroy's your enemies powers and makes them nervous.
From $3.29

Strawberry Pure Essential Oil

For all purposes get luck in a hurry.
From $3.29

Sugar Sugar Pure Essential Oil

Attracts a mate to you and KEEPS them close to you.
From $3.29


Stops and turns back spells, removes evil from home and purifies your soul.
From $3.29