June Special: 100% Pure Spiritual Oils

Use the POWER OF OILS to anoint your body; to dress your candles, seals and charms; to bless your altar or anything in your home, to put in your bath water; to purify and cleanse any room in your house; to send back any evil; and many other purposes. 

There are over 2,000 oils that they cannot all be listed. If you want to order an oil NOT listed, we can specially make it for $3.99 for a 1/2 oz Bottle of oil of your desire. You can use these oils on your PULSE AREAS - Wrist, Neck, Heart, Ankles and behind the knees, anoint these areas of your body for MAXIMUM RESULTS!

50% OFF FOR ALL OF JUNE! $7.98 --> $3.99

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All Purpose Oil

Brings good luck for anything.
From $3.99

Bayberry Oil

Bring money and luck to you fast.
From $3.99

Bingo Oil

Be lucky and win the jackpot
From $3.99

Break Up Oil

Split or break up any two people
From $3.99

Casino Jackpot Oil

The best oil to win the big jackpot!
From $3.99

Court Case Oil

Win that case or throw it out!
From $3.99

Desire Me Oil

Make that person love and desire you, and you only!
From $3.99

Do As I Say Oil

Make others obey and respect you
From $3.99

Dragon's Blood Oil

Drive away evil, Satan and the Devil
From $3.99

Gamblers Oil

Anoint your candles or wear on yourself to have the luck of the gambler come to you fast!
From $3.99

High John the Conqueror Oil

Conquer and control any problem or situation with supreme POWER!
From $3.99

Jinx Removing Oil

Destroys all jinx and bad luck on you.
From $3.99

Job Oil

Find a good job or get a raise or promotion
From $3.99

Keep Away Enemies Oil

Be safe from all enemies.
From $3.99

Love Me Only Oil

Have your lover desire you, and you only!
From $3.99