Khus Khus

Pour in bath water. To give you PEP and ENERGY!

Pour some Khus Khus in bath water to give you PEP and ENERGY when you need it most! Khus Khus is best used when your low on sleep or you need to stay awake for that day.
Buy one pack for $5.00 - 3 for $12.96. Other sizes available.

Khus Khus Single Packet
SKU: H0510
Khus Khus 1/4 lb Bag
SKU: H0510A
Khus Khus 1/2 lb Bag
SKU: H0510B
Khus Khus 1 lb Bag
SKU: H0510C
Khus Khus 3 For 12.96
SKU: H0510D