Lucky Gambler's Necklace

GET LUCK IN; Races, Numbers, Lottery, Bingo, Cards, Casino's, and other games of chance! This Gamblers Necklace is one of a kind - it carries the ultimate lucky numbers (7 & 11) and is sealed with lucky gamblers dice. This piece is sure to bring you luck, money, and BIG WINNINGS!!!! Wear or carry when playing any games of chance! It is attractive and very effective!
SKU: J2300

This Lucky Gambles Necklace is one of a kind - it carries the ultimate Lucky Numbers (7 &11) and is sealed with lucky gamblers Dice.

This piece is sure to bring you luck in any game of chance!

USE FOR LUCK IN:                                                                                        *Races                                                                                                   *Numbers                                                                                                  *Lottery                                                                                                         *Bingo                                                                                                           *Cards                                                                                                            *Casino

And any other games of chance!

Order Now! People tell us this necklace really works great!

14k Gold finish and diamond cut!
Stop Bad Luck Now!

Wear as a necklace or carry as a pocket piece. 
Comes in a jewelry box

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