Lucky Gamblers Herbal Power Bag

Missing by one number? Can't hit the jackpot? It's your turn to pull and win that big money now! Use the Lucky Gambler's Herbal Power Bag for lottery, casino, cards, bingo, or any games of chance!

Each Triple Strength Herbal Power Bag is blessed, dressed, highly magnetized, and tailored to work perfectly for your condition. Effective in “PULLING” and “DRAWING” whatever you need and want!

Comes with FREE:
• Lodestone inside!
• Spoonful of Magnetic Sand to keep it super-charged!
• “Herbal Power” Oil to bless and anoint your bag!
• Easy directions on how to use!

You get a bag filled with a powerful mixture of Herbs & Roots and a Super-Charged Magnetic Lodestone for that “Pulling” and “Drawing” Power!

Lucky Gamblers Herbal Power Bag XXX
SKU: H3108
Lucky Gamblers Herbal Power Bag 2 for $20.00
SKU: H3108D