Lucky Hot Deals

Chamomile Tea (36 Bags)

Relaxes Nerves and eases tension and stress. Puts you in a calm and peaceful mood. Contains 36 tea bags.
$12.95 $5.99

Cleansing Lemongrass Tea (36 Bags)

Cleanse yourself spiritually from the inside out.
$11.95 $5.99

Peppermint Herbal Tea (36 Bags)

Refreshing Tea that Energizes you, while Calming Stomach Upset; Supports Healthy Digestion. Helps remove Un-Natural and crossed conditions.
$15.00 $5.99

Senna Leaf (24 Bags)

Cleans out your digestive track. Any unclean stomach conditions will be removed. Senna was originally grown in the upper Nile region of Egypt, then brought to Europe in the Middle Ages. So revered was Senna leaf that the Egyptians reserved its use exclusively for members of the upper class. Today it is used worldwide for digestive health as it supports the gastrointestinal system. (Contains 36 tea bags) Dose - One or two cups, hot or cold, daily or as needed.
$12.95 $5.99

All Spice Pure Essential Oil

Use this well rounded essential oil for balance and luck in your life. It will bring good luck in anything you do. It is for all purposes and situations.
From $4.99

Alligator Eye Necklace

Draws Money and Luck! Loosens and Unblocks money that is tied up or owed to you. Never be broke again when you wear or carry this lucky Alligators Eye necklace!
From $7.99

Almond Pure Essential Oil

Attracts money and good fortune to those who anoint themselves daily. Use it and never suffer from financial worries again! Be debt free to be stress free!
From $4.99

Apple Pure Essential Oil

Relaxes nerves and gives peace of mind. Use this oil after a rough day at work or after a bath for a night of true rest and relaxation. Clear your thoughts.
From $4.99

Banana Pure Essential Oil

Use this oil to bust through blocks and opens roads.This scent will motivate you and uplift you so nothing can bring you down!
From $4.99

Bat Eye Necklace

Carry or Wear this Bat's Eye Charm to scare away all evil - return it to where it came from. This necklace will give you the strength and courage to deafeat any unwanted things! Gives protection too!
From $7.99

Bayberry Pure Essential Oil

Brings luck and money to your home.
From $4.99

Bingo Master Power Bag

It's my turn to hit the jackpot, now! I'm tired of missing by one number all the time, I need to be lucky and win big, now!
$25.00 $11.99

Black Cat Eye Necklace

Gives you luck in a hurry! Wear or carry this Lucky Cat Necklace to pull money and luck to you - QUICK! Use it when gambling, taking a test, at work, lottery, casino and more! YOU CAN WIN TODAY!
From $7.99

Break Up Master Power Bag

I need to BREAK-UP these two people, fast! It's just not right that they're together, nor is it fair. I know it can and must be done, for me by me!
$25.00 $11.99

Chamomile Pure Essential Oil

Attracts attention and incites sexual passion.
From $4.99

Cinnamon Pure Essential Oil

Brings gambling luck and winnings.
From $4.99

Coconut Pure Essential Oil

Used to hold your man or break up any two people.
From $4.99

Come to Me/Love Me Only Master Power Bag

I want and need my loved one to come close to me, call me, and desire me-only. Lord, please make it so that I am the important person- no one else!
$25.00 $11.99

Court Case Master Power Bag

I want to win this case and have the judge rule in my favor or throw the case out. I did no harm to anyone. I am not GUILTY!
$25.00 $11.99

Cranberry Pure Essential Oil

Removes all jinx and crossed conditions
From $4.99

Eucalyptus Pure Essential Oil

Heals body, mind, and soul.
From $4.99

Eye Of Horus Necklace

This is the most Powerful of Egyptian Amulets! The wearer is guaranteed to have Prosperity, Strength, and Universal Power in all things! Gives you Courage, Wisdom, and Psychic Powers to know what others are thinking! Be protected from evil and have Prosperity in Life!
$20.00 $8.99

Frank & Myrrh Pure Essential Oil

Brings blessings and stops unhealthy habits.
From $4.99

Gardenia Pure Essential Oil

Drives away the devil and all evil.
From $4.99

Get What I Want Master Power Bag

O Lord, Grant me my wish and get me what I want. It is alleged that this bag, with faith in God, can turn my luck around and have things go my way. I need this very badly.
$25.00 $11.99

Herbal Power Pure Essential Oil

Cleanses your body from all bad.
From $4.99

Jade Money Elephant Statue Set

Set of 6 The Elephant is a symbol of Good Luck, Money and Power- just what you need to get some luck in a hurry and draw some money, fast.
$39.95 $29.95

Jasmine Pure Essential Oil

Brings good spirits and breaks any jinx.
From $4.99

Job Master Power Bag

This bag is good for any job related problem. Do you need a raise? Do you have trouble getting a job? Holding a job? Or getting along with co-workers or your boss? It is thought that this bag, when combined with prayer can fix or improve your job situation.
$25.00 $11.99

Juniper Pure Essential Oil

Keeps away enemies, hate, trouble, and evil.
From $4.99