Lucky Hot Deals

Cinnamon Pure Essential Oil

Brings gambling luck and winnings.
From $4.99

Coconut Pure Essential Oil

Used to hold your man or break up any two people.
From $4.99

Cranberry Pure Essential Oil

Removes all jinx and crossed conditions
From $4.99

Eucalyptus Pure Essential Oil

Heals body, mind, and soul.
From $4.99

Eye Of Horus Necklace

This is the most Powerful of Egyptian Amulets! The wearer is guaranteed to have Prosperity, Strength, and Universal Power in all things! Gives you Courage, Wisdom, and Psychic Powers to know what others are thinking! Be protected from evil and have Prosperity in Life!
$20.00 $8.99

Frank & Myrrh Pure Essential Oil

Brings blessings and stops unhealthy habits.
From $4.99

Gardenia Pure Essential Oil

Drives away the devil and all evil.
From $4.99

Herbal Power Pure Essential Oil

Cleanses your body from all bad.
From $4.99

Jade Money Elephant Statue Set

Set of 6 The Elephant is a symbol of Good Luck, Money and Power- just what you need to get some luck in a hurry and draw some money, fast.
$39.95 $29.95

Jasmine Pure Essential Oil

Brings good spirits and breaks any jinx.
From $4.99

Juniper Pure Essential Oil

Keeps away enemies, hate, trouble, and evil.
From $4.99

Lemon Pure Essential Oil

Breaks any spell or curse on you or your family.
From $4.99

Lime Pure Essential Oil

Gives you commanding power over others.
From $4.99

Lucky Fat Cat Money Necklace

Hit That Winning Number and be a Jackpot Winner TODAY! You will be the LUCKY WINNER when wearing or carying this piece!
$11.99 $7.99

Musk (Ebony) Pure Essential Oil

Dominate or control any situation.
From $4.99

Musk (Egyptian) Pure Essential Oil

Draws love, affection, and sexual desire.
From $4.99

Opium Pure Essential Oil

Releases money. Helps get you out of debt and into financial heaven. Live a rich easy life!
From $4.99

Passion Flower Pure Essential Oil

A potent love oil to spice up your love/sex
From $4.99

Pineapple Pure Essential Oil

Wear as a perfume to hold and keep your man. Draw him to you.
From $4.99

Powerful Gemstone Amazonite

Are you trying to lose weight? Trying to stop drinking ? Smoking or drugs? This powerful stone can help you break free from any bad habit. They give you the will power to overcome any obstacles that hold you down.
From $3.99

Powerful Gemstone Amethyst

This stone will give you power and control! It will help you conquer all of your problems and conditions - what ever they may be!
From $3.99

Powerful Gemstone Aventurine

Carry this stone when you are looking for that perfect job, or carry it it when you ask for a raise or promotion.
From $3.99

Powerful Gemstone Black Agate

Carry this stone with you to Stop and Turn Back Evil and all Enemies! Stop Evil in in tracks and Make Satan be gone for good!
From $3.99

Powerful Gemstone Blue Agate

Block any Confusing Thoughts with this beautiful stone. It will give you Peace of Mind.
From $3.99

Powerful Gemstone Carnelian

This stone gives you Fast Luck and Success in all things! It also helps you control most situations and have others do as you say! Be lucky and in control!
From $3.99

Powerful Gemstone Clear Quartz

This stone is used for Healing and Good Health. It will protect you, cleanse you, and bless you!
From $3.99

Powerful Gemstone Green Jasper

Helps your children improve the chances of being a success in school and in life. Helps them in getting a good paying job and staying out of trouble.
From $3.99

Powerful Gemstone Hematite

This stone helps to remove all jinxed and crossed conditions! Gets rid of the evil inside of you and makes the Devil run far and fast! Repel Evil and Attract Luck!
From $3.99

Powerful Gemstone Jasper

Keep this powerful stone with you to feel Joy and Happiness. Also carry it to strengthen the bonds between you and your friends! This stone makes relationships stronger!
From $3.99

Powerful Gemstone Lapis

This stone is also known as "The stone of the universal eye" and has been known to bring Supernatural Powers and Wisdom to those who possess it. It is also very good for concentrating and passing tests!
From $3.99