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Triple Power Love Potion Kit

Ladies and Gentlemen, if your lover running wild in the streets? Are they spending all your money on partying ? Do you want them to love you and only you?
$48.99 $33.95

Protection Triple Strength Powder

Use this powerful powder to detroy and remove all evil, harm or jealousy. Protects you from being crossed up or jinxed.
From $7.98

Drive Away Evil

These incense sticks are very strong and work fast. Cast off all evil and keep it off! This incense blend is a Nag Champa and it has been used fro centuries to cleanse the mind, body, and spirit. Conquer and control all problems while fighting off all evil, harm, jealousy, and negative vibrations. Burn at least 3 sticks a week, add one more for extra power! These sticks are hand crafted in India and are of pure and high quality!
From $6.95

Peppermint Plus Foot Triple Strength Spiritual Lotion

Peppermint Foot Lotion soothes burning feet and promotes circulation. It moisturizes and softens skin, and gets blood flowing to your feet. Also strengthens nails & cuticles. Relieves Burning, aching, sweating, itching, and tender feet. **Can also be used on hands & body** 4oz bottle
$10.50 $8.95

Invisible Soap

Evil will NOT be able to see you!
From $4.00

All Powerful Gris-Gris Bag

This All Powerful Gris-Gris Bag originates from Africa. Gris-Gris bags are believed to protect the wearer from all evil! Gris-Gris Bags can also bring GOOD LUCK in all things to the wearer.
$30.00 $16.95