These kits are intended to help you out in your times of need, just choose the right one for your condition! Each kit is personally blessed and made with your special purpose in mind. EACH KIT COMES WITH: Lucky powder, A hand picked herb or root, Oil for your condition, Incense for your condition and a Special Power Seal from the 6th & 7th Book of Moses. Comes with easy directions and a free gift! $12.95 Each - 3 for $33.00 - 6 for $60.00. You may mix and match any kits for the discount prices!

All Purpose Kit

$37.95 $24.95

Break-Up Kit

Use this to break-up or seperate any two people that are getting in your way! You know they don't belong together, stop it now! Send away bad influences and break-up those two that you know should not be together!
$33.00 $12.95

Controlling Kit

Have control and power over a person or group of people. Be worry and trouble free and have things your way! Use this kit for controlling others or use it to take control over your own life!
$33.00 $12.95

Demon Destroyer Kit

Destroys bad problems such as: Constant fighting and arguing, drug and alcohol addiction, cheating and running around, lying, financial problems, pain and health issues, and just plain ol BAD LUCK. Turn it arounf and DESTROY ALL DEMONS that block you from success and happiness. Cleanse your home and remove evil, wherever it lurks! Satan and his evil demons can creep inside your home like an evil invisible fog, but this kit will make the devil run far and fast - for good! Be Protected, Be Safe, Be free from evil!
$35.00 $25.00

Extra Strong Job Kit

Use this to get a job, get a raise, or to get a promotion! Or use it to get your boss or co-workers off your back! This is the answer - the complete job kit!
$33.00 $12.95

Fast Luck Kit

If you want more luck than ever before try this kit. Is your luck down and you want to change it around? Change your luck and life with this lucky kit - works fast!
$33.00 $12.95

Jackpot Money Kit

Are you missing by one number all the time at lottery or bingo? Are you jinxed or is your money blocked? Well, your troubles can now be over with this Jackpot Money Kit! Get out of debt, pay off your bills, but what you want and need, and live the easy life! This kit includes five lucky items, easy instructions, and the All Powerful High John the Conqueror Root for Extra Power & Luck!
$45.50 $24.95

Jinx Be Gone Kit

This kit will help block and kill all jinx. Turn your luck around when removing jinx - be lucky again! Be successful in all gambling games and money opportunities! Do not your enemies bring you down anymore! Turn back evil for good!
$61.76 $39.95

Jinx Removing Kit

Get rid of all jinx or evil put on you by someone else! Make evil spirits or enemies stop bothering you and turn your luck around! Stop confusion and get relief!
$33.00 $12.95

Keep Away Enemies Kit

Are your neighbors, family, ex-wives or husbands, co-workers doing you wrong? Keep away all enemies that are holding you back and bringing you down! Get some peace in your life - get rid of the negative people that surround you!
$33.00 $12.95

Love Potion Kit

Make your love strong and true! Have a happy relationship with the one you love! They will desire you ONLY and Give you what you want! Make him or her fall in love with you again and again!
$33.00 $12.95

Lucky Bingo Kit

Finally Be the one to shout BINGO! Don't miss BINGO by just one number anymore! Shout it over and over again, you will be the Winner!
$33.00 $12.95

Lucky Gambler's Kit

Be the luckiest Gambler in the room! Use this when playing any games of chance and WIN WIN WIN! Works for lottery, casino games, slots, races, bingo, and more!
$33.00 $12.95

Lucky In Court Kit

Get your case dimissed, thrown out, or win a big lawsuit! Get the judge to rule in your favor and Win your case! Works for all court cases!
$33.00 $12.95

Money Drawing Kit

This kit is used when you wish to draw lots of money to you. Sprinkle th oil on your money, and follow instructions. We believe you can attract more money than ever before!
$33.00 $12.95

Spell Breaker Kit

Break any spell put on you by an enemy. Be free from any jinx or curses or spells! Do not suffer from the evil plots of others anymore - break free from their evil intentions and cleanse yourslef from all evil spells!
$33.00 $12.95

Stay At Home Kit

Make him or her stay home and stop running the streets. Do not let others influence your lover anymore - make them have eyes for you only! Make him or her be with you in your home!
$34.95 $21.95

Stop Drinking or Drugs Kit

"O Lord, please bring me peace of mind and spiritual power to overcome this addiction. Help me bath this terrible problem with faith in God and with supreme will power. Please let there be no more fighting or confusion in our family. Make us whole and happy again, dear Jesus"
$50.00 $39.95

Stop Evil Kit

The items in this kit work together to; Turn Back evil, Remove jinx and cross conditions, Destroy witchcraft or Voodoo, Make Satan and his evil works be gone, Keep away all enemies who harass you, stop the Devil, and Kill all Evil around you! Be free from Misery and Conquer and Control the Evil Forces holding you down!
$36.50 $24.95

Triple Strength Pay Me Now Kit

Use this kit to get money that is owed to you or that you deserve. Works great in cases of people who owe you, lawsuits, child support, and more! THIS KIT COMES WITH: *Pay me now bath & floor wash *Pay me now soap *Pay me now incense powder *Pay me now sachet powder *Pay me now extra strong oil and Complete instructions.
$34.95 $22.95

XXX Strength Win Court Case/ Get Out of Jail Kit

Stop the Courts and Lawyers from bothering you. Win you case! Are you being falsely accused? always bothered by the law? This special kit will help you have a favorable outcome. Get the Judge to rul in your behalf!