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King Solomon Spiritual Water

Sprinkle in corners of rooms OR pour 7 capfuls in your bath water to bring help bring you Power, Wisdom and Understanding in all matters and to help reveal the Truth in all things that matter to you; Hidden secrets will be told, it is said.
$10.95 $6.95

Black Chicken 7 Day Candle

This blessed candle Removes spells, hexes, jinxes, enemies, bad luck, witchcraft, and crossed conditions.
$15.00 $9.95

Divine Providence 7 Day Candle

Prayer to Divine Providence O Lord protect this house from all evil and enemies and any dark forces. O Divine God, Heal me and Bring Good Health to me and all those who dwell in this house. O Lord, please lead me on the path to a good career and a good paying job and steady work. O Divine God, Please grant mercy and free my loved one and prisoner ________ as soon as possible. O Lord, please return my loved one _________ to me/come home now. He/she is lost and needs my love and help. O Divine Providence, please grant me my wishes and perform miracles if you can and I will be eternally grateful. Amen.
$15.00 $9.95

Honey of Love 7 Day Candle

Achieve the total affection, admiration, respect and desire with the person of your dreams.
$15.00 $9.95

Money Rain 7 Day Candle

Burn this lucky candle to have money “rain down” on you from the heavens above. If you need a money blessing bad, this is the candle to pray to.
From $8.33

Retirement (Get Rid Of) 7 Day Candle

Burn this Miraculous Spiritual candle to Get Rid Of or Retire Away any Bad, Nosy or Bothersome Neighbors or any Jealousy from your enemies; at home or in business.
$15.00 $9.95

Spider Queen 7 Day Candle

For Domination in Love matters & Help in Binding your lover close to you. Comes with a prayer which is printed on the candle to the “Dominating Spirit”.
$15.00 $9.95

Sanctuary Candle 14 Day

Burn this long lasting holy candle when you are wishing for Calm, Peace of Mind, Spiritual Cleansing, Blessings and Abundance. White Candle.
$30.00 $26.95

Holy Bible (Giant Print) Reference Edition

The literary beauty of the King James Version, now in a giant-print format and featuring the exclusive Thomas Nelson KJV font. Your eyes will discover a whole new level of comfort with the KJV Giant Print Reference Bible, without sacrificing study features for readability.
$40.00 $34.95

Black Hen (Gallina Negra) Perfumed 7 Day Candle

Burning this spiritually powerful candle (as believed by many African American and Hispanic and various cultures throughout the world) will help “scratch off” any evil or bad luck that you have walked over or picked up from anyone trying to do you harm. The Egg from a black hen was said to absorb all negativity and to remove all evil. It was used to spiritually cleanse a home, when prayed over.
$20.00 $15.00

Destroyer Scented & Fixed Candle (Destructor)

Spell Breaker, Bad Luck Breaker, Against Harm, Evil, Envy & Enemies. Specially fixed and scented candle comes with Super-Charged highly fragrant wax resin rocks. An additional prayer to St. Martin is included for protection and good luck.
$30.00 $15.00

Guardian Angel Perfumed 7 Day Candle

O, dearest Angel of the Lord- my Guardian Angel; You always bring me God’s love and blessings, You light up my Life, Lift my Spirits high and Guide me, Protect me and Direct me on the Right Hand path, always. Your love is pure as you Help me to avoid all evil and do good, and guard my soul from sin and evil doers. Protect me and stay with me, until the day I die, so I may live a happy, joyful life with little suffering or misery. Amen.
$20.00 $15.00

Haitian Tie Scented & Fixed 7 Day Candle

Seduce, Tie Up and Conquer the person- man or woman- you so desire. This candle will put a “spell” on your loved one so that he/she wants you only and comes to you, respects you and places you above ALL others.
$19.95 $15.00

Protection Against All Scented & Fixed 7 Day Candle

Be Protected Against All evil, harm, sickness, black magic & witchcraft, jealousy, enemies, the Law- courts & judges; immigration law ICE; bad police, black energy, negative forces, and all spells that are intended for you.
$19.95 $15.00

Sex with Only Me Scented & Fixed 7 Day Candle

Make the person you love, desire and you want to be with exclusively- have eyes only for you and sex only with you- Nobody else!
$19.95 $15.00

Elephant Soapstone Animal Carving Statue

This mahogany elephant (3” x 3” tall) is beautifully carved from Soapstone in the Far East. Legend says that the Elephant is closely associated with the Buddha and the Indian deity Ganesh and symbolizes power, strength, wisdom, protection of the home, fertility and all-around Good Luck!
$30.00 $19.95

Frog Soapstone Animal Carving Statue

This green frog (4” x 2” tall) is beautifully carved from Soapstone in the Far East. Legend says it contains mystical powers to help you draw and “gobble up” money and bring in good fortune/luck.
$30.00 $19.95

Owl Soapstone Animal Carving Statue

This navy blue owl (3” x 3” tall) is beautifully carved from Soapstone in the Far East. Legend says it contain magical, mysterious and ancient knowledge, & wizardly power, as the owl lives within darkness and are connected to the moon.
$30.00 $19.95

Adam and Eve Lovers Candle

Burn this 9 inch candle to Draw, Attract or Hold Onto your lover- whether male or female. It binds two people together, like Adam and Eve, so that you will have good Strong Love with the person you desire, and they have eyes for you only.
$25.00 $16.95

Marriage Candle (Large)

This powerful 9 inch Red candle will help persuade and influence the one you desire-- to say “I do” and marry you. You must send out powerful loving forces that will bind your lover to you and make him or her want to marry you in very quick time, by burning this powerful candle, legend says.
$25.00 $16.95

Sage Cleansing Spray

This spray will Purify and Cleanse your home, car, or surroundings with sacred power. Moves out and forces out any and all negative vibrations so you will feel Cleansed, Protected and Free of all Evil. You will feel refreshed and able to overcome all mental and physic problems within you. Cleans out your body and soul and Clears the mind. Feel good, again! Only $9.95 [2oz. pump spray]
From $6.95

23rd Psalm (Salmo 23) Spray

Spray for Relief of pain and suffering and relief from want. Calm the mind and soothe the soul with this spiritual spray. Walk the good path with the Lord and do right by Him.
$15.00 $9.95

Black Hen (Gallina Negra) Spray

Use this powerful spray – passed down from old Hoodoo culture—to Remove and Destroy All Spells, Hexes, Jinxes, Curses, Voodoo and Witchcraft OFF of you and your home or surroundings.
$15.00 $9.95

Come To Me Spray

Spray on your chest, neck, or navel area if you are going to be near the person you desire. This will have great drawing powers and make them come close to you. Good for attracting and drawing lovers, ex-husbands or boyfriends or anyone you want to have a loving and sexual relationship with. You may also spray on your clothes or in your bedroom to have the same powerful drawing effect, if you cannot spray on your body directly. You will be a drawing power magnet! Only $9.95 [2oz. pump spray]

Destructor Black (Destructor Negro)

Destroys all curses, hatred, jealousy, spells—anything “black”, dark or evil.
$15.00 $9.95

Double Good Luck Spray

Have double the good luck you deserve! Spray on you, your clothes, in your car, Or in your home to Draw and Magnetize all Good Luck forces and vibrations and Pull them your way; so you can get money and keep it! Double good luck for Any game of chance; cards, lottery, dice, bingo or any casino games- Hit that jackpot and be a winner today! Spray and clean out all the bad luck and jinx, now! Only $9.95 [2oz. pump spray]

Fast Luck Spray

Get some good luck in a Hurry! Spray on you, your clothes, in your car, Or in your home to Bring you some good luck, very fast—whether it’s money problems, love or sex problems, job issues, gambling bad luck, or evil forces keeping you down—you need this spray to get back on that Lucky Streak and Quick! Get out of debt, so you can pay your bills, get healthy, be prosperous and open roads to an easier life. Suffer no more! Only $9.95

Guardian Angel (Angel De La Guarda) Spray

O Angel of God, Guide and Protect me, so I stay healthy, strong and free of all evil, harm, accidents and suffering.
$15.00 $9.95

Honey of Love Spray

Spray on your wrists, neck, navel area or inner thighs to get the person you want, whenever you are around them. This powerful Seduction spray will help influence the person of your desires- so they want to be passionate and sexy with you and give you good love. Sweeten them up, so that you will create a strong bond- mentally and physically- with the person who you want to be with. Get the affection, admiration and respect that you so deserve! Only $9.95 [2oz. pump spray]

Intanquil (Intranquilo) Spray

Use this spray on your body or in home as part of a controlling love spell to force a lover of yours to return to you. Say your lovers name 3 times and silently say your wish before spraying. The vibrations you give off will make your lover feel so restless or “intranquil” that he/she will be compelled to come back to you with respect and devotion.
$15.00 $9.95