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Lucky New Products

Planta Herbal Tea

Help to cleanse your body and soul from any evil that may be around you or inside of you, this specially made tea blend will also help to relax and calm your soul.

Money Magnet Stones

Super-Charged & Magnetized! To "Pull" and "Draw" the money you so richly deserve, need and want. You get 1 pair of Magnetic Stones, a Carrying Bag and a bottle of Money Magnet Oil to anoint your stones. Carry the stones in purse or pocket or keep near money - so it can multiply.


These powerful talisman necklaces are replicas of the seals and talismans described in 6TH & 7TH BOOK OF MOSES. All Come with a 24 inch chain.
From $5.99

Rev. Moses Problem Solver Packages

Whether you have money problems or bad luck; or you feel jinxed or crossed up; or you feel the devil & evil spirits all around you; or you need luck in a hurry when playing any casino games or the lottery; or if you have legal or court problems; or if your health is poor & you are suffering with aches & pains; or if you ANY OTHER PROBLEM - Please Let Rev. Moses know & he and his Staff will pray for you and get you the products you need for a quick & powerful solution. Get what you want & need!
From $25.00

Universal Waite Tarot Deck (Large)

Universal Waite Tarot is perfect for meditation and for doing readings.

Powerful Products of South America: African Jelly

This Sexual Aphrodisiac Fights Against Infidelity - Stops your man from cheating and running around.
$25.00 $7.98

Powerful Products of South America: Destroys Witchcraft (Spells) Perfume

Specially handcrafted perfume designed to detroy or remove any kind of hex, curse, spell, jinx or voodoo tha threatens you.
$25.00 $12.95

Powerful Products of South America: Double Lucky "2 in 1" Fast Money Drawing Oil

This Double Action Red & Green Oil Draws Good Luck to you for anything you desire & for ANY condition. It Brings Fast Luck in all Gambling Games & Works as a Quick Puller! Use as a perfume or cologne, daily.
$30.00 $9.95

Powerful Products of South America: "Black Cat" Pheromone Soaps

These Pheromone Bar Soaps will help you to attain the love of your life, choose the right one for you!
From $7.98

Powerful Products of South America: Mandrake Root "Powerful All-Purpose Potion"

This Highly Super-Charged liquid has been soaking in Powerful Mandrake Roots for a long, long time - to achieve Maximum Power & Strength for ALL PURPOSES.
$25.00 $9.95

Powerful Products of South America: Siete Machos Cologne "For Men Only"

The Label shows 7 horned billy goats, known for their powerful sexuality and their strong odor & the way in which their scent attracts females. Men wear this to make them more manly, to help win in love affairs and attract of their desires. CONJURE & DRAW the Woman of your Desires, so you can Control her Judgement, Thoughts & Will. So that you See Her, Hear Her, Feel Her or think of her or Smell Her, that her same 5 senses are aroused and at the same time - she will be aroused and fell and want you deeply.

Powerful Products of South America: Tie Your Man "Powerful Love Potion"

Apply daily for 7 Days in a row, as a perfume or body splash; sprinkling on your chest, thigh and neck, say your prayer to achieve the desires results.
$25.00 $9.95

Bewitched Voodoo Doll from New Orleans: All Purpose

This Maximum Strength Large 12 inch Doll is used For Anything Your Heart Desires. Works for ANY situation, condition or problem. If you need Love, Good Luck, Financial Freedom, Money Drawing and much much more, this One of a Kind Voodoo Doll from New Orleans will help you to achieve all that you want.
$75.00 $34.95

Bewitched Voodoo Doll from New Orleans: Binding

This Maximum Strength Large 12 inch Doll is used to Bind (Fix & Tie) anything that is Broken or Jinxed with yourself. You can use this doll to case a spell for ANY Desire or Wish you have - Bind anyone or anything to you - a lover, good luck, a good job, husband, boyfriend, etc. The Bind cannot and will never be broken!
$75.00 $34.95

Bewitched Voodoo Doll from New Orleans: Come to Me

This Maximum Strength Large 12 inch Doll is used to Draw the person you desire, to come near you and pay attention to you. Get the desire and respect you deserve. Spark a flame in that special someone. This Bewitched Voodoo Doll will help to Keep, Hold on to love. Make it Strong. Be Desired by the person you Want!
$75.00 $34.95

Bewitched Voodoo Doll from New Orleans: Good Health/Vigor

This Maximum Strength Large 12 inch Doll is to Be Healthy and Strong all over your body. Have sexual energy and stamina. No More Weakness, Suffering, Aches or Pains! Get rid of sexual problems you be having, be irresistible to your lover.
$75.00 $34.95

Bewitched Voodoo Doll from New Orleans: Lucky Streak

This Maximum Strength Large 12 inch Doll will help to Hit those Winning Numbers & Jackpot! In ANY gambling or casino game or the Lottery. Get rich quick! Be Lucky and get the money you deserve!
$75.00 $34.95

Bewitched Voodoo Doll from New Orleans: Money & Good Fortune

This Maximum Strength Large 12 inch Doll will help to Draw Money from any source to pay off your bills and buy what you want! Get good luck, fast! Works Money Miracles and Pulls Money to you from any source. Hold on to your money to be able to help you with your financial problems!
$75.00 $34.95

Bewitched Voodoo Doll from New Orleans: Protection/ Keep Away Evil

Gets rid of evil Spells or curses on you OR inside of you. Protects you from your enemies - Keeps all Negativity Away! Protect yourself against the Devil and all evil-doers and enemies.
$75.00 $34.95

Black Destroyer Witching Hour Doll

Destroys Everything! Destroys Anything Evil, The Devil, Enemies, Hoodoo, Witchcraft - Anything you need to see move or go away! This Maximum Power Triple Strength Doll Busts thru all blocks, Breaks all spells, & Opens Roads to Wealth, Health, Prosperity, an Easy Life and Lucky Days to Come!
$150.00 $64.95

All Powerful Gris-Gris Bag

This All Powerful Gris-Gris Bag originates from Africa. Gris-Gris bags are believed to protect the wearer from all evil! Gris-Gris Bags can also bring GOOD LUCK in all things to the wearer.
$30.00 $6.99

Marie Laveau Bewitched New Orleans Doll

This Powerful Voodoo Queen was a Master at Influence & Control. Use this doll to achieve all your desires, & have others do as you say with her help, you can Conquer Any Situation. Get what you want!
$75.00 $39.95

Raw Shea Butter Soap

Get rid of the evil in your life, as well as help you maintain peace and tranquility in your spirit.

Dead Sea Minerals Soap

Helps to alleviate pains, sores and dry skin.
$15.00 $7.98

Invisible Soap

Evil will NOT be able to see you!
From $4.00

Tame Lotion

Use after a bath or shower to Tame(control) your lover and keep him or her faithful to you! Stop them from running around the streets, bring him or her closer to you and have a good strong relationship!
$10.95 $7.98

Black Chicken XXX Strength Water

This spiritual water to remove spells, hexes, enemies, jinxes and witchcraft.

Black Hen Spiritual Wash/Gallina Negra Despojo Espiritual

Black Hen will help you to cleanse yourself to have what you requested come to pass.
$30.00 $14.95

7 African Powers Colognes (OCTOBER SPECIAL)

Control and solve all problems with the Power of the 7 African Gods; They will help to protect you and conquer & control any and all situations.
From $5.99

Attraction Power Cologne (OCTOBER SPECIAL)

Get and hold the person of your interest. Make love close and true. Bring a lover closer to you or gain attraction and attention from men or women, for them to respect and admire. This cologne can be used for men and women.
From $5.99

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