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Protection Spray

Use this spray to be protected from all evil and harm. The Protection Spray will shield you from all negative vibrations! Always be protected!
$10.50 $9.95

Intranquil Spirit 7 Day Candle

Give no rest or peace to the man I love and desire. Make his spirit restless, and make no other woman come near him, until he returns to me and wants me only.
From $9.00

Love Spell 7 Day Candle

Put a "spell" on your lover to make them stay close and desire and want you, only- no one else.
$12.95 $5.99

Lucky Gamblers Triple Strength Powder

Use one cupful daily at a quiet time after bathing. Sprinkle on hands, arms and chest area, say your desire 3 times before putting on powder.
$11.95 $7.98

3 Elephants Parade Soapstone Burner 4"

Burn your incense sticks with this lucky Elephant Parade Incense Stick Holder. Made of real Soapstone! Three Elephants for Triple Luck! Approximately 4" long. 2" high.
$15.00 $9.95

Strong Love Perfume

Wear this powerful perfume to make your love relationship stronger and bind your lover to you! Make your lover come to you, desire you and want you, only!
$15.00 $9.95

CLEARANCE: All Purpose/Get What You Want Leather Bracelet

*The Bracelet you receive will vary in color and is selected randomly* Are you Jinxed? Tired? Down on your Luck? Confused? Is your money down? We and people here believe that this all purpose Bracelet will get you what you want.
$10.00 $6.99

XXX Money Elephant

*The Elephant you receive will vary in color and is selected randomly* Everyone knows the elephant with the trunk up is supposed to mean good luck. This 2 inch Onyx elephant has the power to draw money blessings you way! Order today and watch the money come rolling in!

Black Hen/Black Destroyer Perfume

This perfume destroys all evil in or around you, so you will be protected against all bad luck and your enemies, according to the legend of the black hen and black unicorn.

Rose of Good Fortune Potion

Powerful liquid used in churches and homes to achieve Success and Good Luck . Also, has amazing cleansing powers when applied to the body. Brings prosperity to home, family and business.

Book of Common Prayer

By Maria D' Andrea's An Administration of the Sacraments and Other Rites Adapted By the House of Enlightenment.
$20.00 $16.95

XXX Love Adam & Eve Lovers Ring

Wear or Carry this ring to Love or to be loved. Bring 3 hearts together as one.
$11.95 $7.98

Reversible Herbal Bath Mix

Reverse or turn back any evil or spells on you. Sends it back to your enemies, so you will be protected and free from all harm.
$10.00 $7.98

St Michael Herbal Bath Mix

Use this St. Michael Herbal Bath mix to cloak yourself with protection. St.Michael is the patron saint of protection and will always be there should you find yourself needing comfort or defense. Gain victory over evil.
$12.95 $7.98

Mini Bewitched VooDoo Doll From New Orleans: Abundantia

Abundantia is the Greek goddess of success and prosperity. This maximum strength 4" doll is used to draw success and prosperity towards you. achieve success at all things in life! Have success in all areas of your life!
$24.95 $14.95