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White Sage Incense Sticks

Burn to reverse Bad Luck & Bad Health. improve your Health - Wipe Away Illness and Suffering. Cleanse & Purify your body, mind & soul.
$2.95 $2.19

White Sage & Rose Smudge Stick - 4 inch

Cleanse yourself and your surroundings. Especially good for repairing or fixing toxic relationships. Make your love strong!

Good Health/Healing Necklace

Wear or carry this gold piece to ease your aches, pains, and suffering. Hold it & make your wish. Feel good again!

Blue Sage Incense Sticks

Burn this powerful incense to cleanse negativity from your house, bring in wealth, and grant prosperity. This incense brings strength and healing into your life through a calming aroma.

Black Stallion

Boost your stamina and enjoy your sex life again!

Passionate Men's Complex

Delivers a total of 11 male-supporting ingredients, 4 specifically to support healthy erectile function


Blessed Virgin Sheepskin Parchment Paper is ideal for writing out your desires or intentions. Works extra strong to make your desires come true! May be carried, anointed with oil, or placed underneath a Blessed Spiritual Candle.
From $5.98

Money Growing Spiritual Oil

Use this oil to GROW your Money! Can be used with the "Las Vegas" Gambler's Purse (M7000) to grow your Money FAST! Watch your money double and even triple!
From $4.50

Large Black Cast Iron Cauldron

6" diameter. Can be used for any spell work or spiritual rituals. Also perfect for burning incense or herbs, mixing oils, powders- or any of our spiritual products!

Road Opener Extra Strong Powder

Use this Extra Strong Powder to Draw Good Things and Uncross you! Unblocks all evil or negative energy, and Opens Roads! Draw Quick Success and Prosperity!
From $3.49

Reversible Extra Strong Powder

Use this Extra Strong Reversible Powder to Reverse all evil placed on you! Turns hex and jinx and spell work away from you, and sends it BACK to your enemies! Stay protected from all negative energy!
From $3.49

Good Health Candle 7 Day Blessed

Use this candle to bring Good Health and Healing to you! Can be used to heal yourself, a loved one, or any family members! Brings Good Health and Protection!
From $9.00

Happy Marriage 7 Day Blessed Candle

Have your Marriage be Blessed! Use this candle to bring the Love back into your Marriage and resolve all marital troubles and fights! Can also be used to draw Marriage to you or Bless a new Marriage!
From $9.00

Other Lawyer Be Stupid 7 Day Candle

Win any Court Case and have the other Lawyer Fail! Burn this candle to make any Lawyer fighting against you STUPID! Have justice work in your favor and bring bad luck to the other side.
From $9.00

Win Judgement (Court/Lawsuit) 7 Day Candle

Win your day in Court! Burn this candle to have the Judge rule in your favor. Have any Court Case or Lawsuit against you be thrown out immediately, or turned in your favor!
From $9.00