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Beautiful Brass Incense Burner! 4" Around- Perfect for use in burning powdered incense, incense cones, or incense resins! Use this item for all of your rituals & spiritual incense burnings for Extra Blessed Power!

Love Potion #9 XXX Perfume

Wear this powerful perfumed oil to draw your true love to you! This perfume works to Conquer ANY Love troubles and problems! Works to draw a lover to you, or make any relationship a happy one!

Clearance Spiritual Oil

Use this Powerful Oil to Spiritually Cleanse and Bless yourself! Remove all evil and bring Truth and Clarity to all situations. Clear all negative energies from you and your loved ones!
From $4.50

Blessing Spiritual Oil

This Powerful Blessing Oil can be used in any spell work or ritual! Use to Bless any Reverend Moses Spiritual items to bring extra strength to them, or sprinkle the oil around your home to draw Blessings to yourself and your family!
From $4.50

Victory Over Evil Oil 1/2 oz Bottle

Gain POWER and CONTROL over all evil and enemies! Use this oil to CONQUER any jinx, hex, or spell that may have been put on you. BANISH all evil from yourself and your loved ones!

12 Hour Gold Votive Candle

Burn this candle to draw Fast Like and Prosperity to you! Bring and Abundance of Good Fortune into your life! Have success in All things, and Luck whenever you need it most!

12 Hour Silver Votive Candle

Burn this candle to Gain Victory over all Evil. Dispels Gossip, Evil Spirits, Ghosts, and all other Negative Energies. Good for stopping gossip against you and keeping others out of your business!

Love Honey Extra Strong Powder

Use the sweet smell of Love Honey to draw your true love to you! Good for drawing a mate, strengthening your relationship, or improving your love life! Can be used on your body, clothes, or sprinkled around your home to make you IRRESISTABLE to your true love!
From $3.79

Black Cat HQ Incense

Use this powerful incense to draw money to you FAST! Improve your luck in Casino Games, Gambling, Bingo, and even the Lottery! Can also be used to ward off evil and keep enemies from you.
From $5.00

Block Buster HQ Incense

Burn this incense to bust through any blocks or forces that are holding you down. Unblock all problems. Clear the path to Open your Roads; Change your luck from bad to good now!
From $5.00