These Power Colognes are good to use on yourself, on your clothes, on your mop water. You may also sprinkle several drops in the corners of the rooms, doorways or closets - in your home - to get the results that you want. These sweet smelling colognes create a peaceful, spiritual atmosphere so you can achieve all your desires. 22 Titles to choose from. 

Most of these Colognes come in 7 oz. Bottles - $9.95 each or 2 for $17.00  

Spearmint Power Cologne

Purify and cleanse your mind, body and spirit. Get all the bad out of your life and bring in all the good. Do not have bad luck surround your physical self or your spiritual self, be cleansed and free of all bad luck!
From $8.50

Spikenard Power Cologne

Associated with Holy Men and Saints, Spikenard is used to anoint oneself when working on Spiritual Cleansing & Blessings; Making the Devil Run Far away from you.
From $8.50

St. Michael Power Cologne

Victory over evil and enemies. St. Michael defeats enemies and all evil that may be keeping you down. St. Michael will fight for you and protect you from any and all evil!!
From $8.50

Success and Prosperity Power Cologne

Improve your luck and open your path to Prosperity. Achieve Success at your Job, School, Home Life, Relationships - Anywhere! - so you ca be wealthy.
From $8.50