The magic power of spells and spiritual goods of Marie Laveau have been known to accomplish all! Choose the right kit for you, your friends or loved ones!  ALL KITS COME WITH COMPLETE DIRECTIONS AND A FREE MARIE LAVEAU BOOK OF BLACK AND WHITE MAGIC!! Anything can be overcome and acheived when using these powerful Marie Laveau Kits.

Advice to Spiritualist & Mediums Kit

This kit is made to help mediums or spiritualist that need an extra boosts in their powers.
$15.00 $27.50

For Prosperity Kit

Prosper just like others do by using this kit and finally have peace of mind. This kit will bring you luck, love, health, wealth, and balance in everything you do!
$39.98 $27.00

How to Attract Attention Kit

Use this kit if you are lonely and would like to have some attention.
$50.00 $26.00

How To Promote Peace In The Home Kit

If things are bad in your home, this kit should help and bring peace and love into your home. Relax and be tranquil again, stop the fussing and fighting. Kill evil and promote peace.
$59.98 $25.00

Lady Or Man In Lawsuit Kit

This kit contains items that will help you win your court case! Do not stress anymore over lawsuits, trials and tribulations. Get relief and quick results with this lucky kit! Win your case or get it dismissed. WIN!
$39.98 $27.50

Lady Who Cannot Get Friends Kit

If you are having trouble keeping friends, use this kit to improve your social life and have many great friends! Hold onto your friends!
$59.98 $20.50

Lady Who Lost Her Lover Kit

If your lover left you, this kit can help you bring him back! Use this kit with faith and power and you can have him back for good! Do not lose your lover again - bring him closer to you!
$59.98 $30.50

Man Whose Wife Left Him

Are you sad and lonely because she is gone? Use this kit to get her back! Do not let your relationship fail - bring her back to you and make her fall in love with you again! She is Your wife and You are Her Husband - Keep it that way!
$49.98 $40.50

Marie Laveau Lady Who Cannot Keep Men Friends Kit

Use this kit to keep your male friends close. They will not leave you anymore when you use this power kit. Make him have eyes for you ONLY! Get the attention you want and deserve, he will be by your side always.
$39.98 $22.00

Marie Laveau's Control Troublesome Neighbors Kit

Get control of the problems your nasty neighbors give you with this kit! Make them leave you and your family alone, make them stay off of your property, and stop their evil ways! Have peace of mind in your own home and neighborhood!
$49.98 $25.00

Marie Laveau's Gambling Hand Kit

If you need help in winning, use this kit and change your luck! START WINNING! This will be your little gambling secret - no one will know! Draw fast cash in all games of chance including, Casino Games, Lottery, Bingo, Races, and More!
$49.98 $32.50

Marie Laveau's Going On Trial Kit

If you are going to court, you may find help and WIN with this kit! Lessen your sentence, Win your lawsuit, Make the Judge and Jury rule in your favor, or Get your case dismissed! Be free and Win!
$59.98 $27.50

Marie Laveau's Helping Hand Kit

For a person who has never had spiritual help. If your are down on your luck, depressed, and need some positive and uplifting power - try the Helping Hand Kit! If you have never had spiritual help then this is the kit for you, you should try it soon! Get relief and feel good again.
$59.98 $46.50

Marie Laveau's How to Influence People Kit

Learn how to influence others in your favor. Make your enemies leave you alone, make your children do as you say, get your boss to give you a raise, make your love obey and respect you and give you whatever you want! This kit will give you controlling power!
$59.98 $22.00

Marie Laveau's Lady Who Wishes To Cross Her Enemies Kit

If someone did you wrong, this kit may be the thing you need to get them back! Do not let him or her get away with making you suffer - make them suffer like you have.
$59.98 $30.50

Marie Laveau's Lady Whose Husband or Partner Left Her

If your man has left you, this kit will have him come back to you. Do not let your husband or boyfriend escape you and your home. Make them come back and stay. Bring the love back into your relationship so they want to stay! Hold onto the love of your life!
From $38.50

Marie Laveau's Man Or Woman In Bad Luck Kit

If your luck is bad and everything seems to go wrong, use this kit to turn your luck around! From bad luck to GOOD LUCK! Easy to use and very effective!
$59.98 $32.00

Marie Laveau's Man Who Cannot Get A Sweetheart Kit

Are you lonely? Are you having trouble in the dating world? Do you want a girlfriend or a wife? Use this kit to find your special someone and make them your sweetheart! Find true love and happiness, get romance!
$59.98 $22.00

Marie Laveau's Man Who Lost His Sweetheart Kit

Get your sweetheart back with this powerful kit! If she left you for another man - get her back now! Did you have a fight and now she's gone - get her back now! Do not lose that special girl - make her yours again!
$59.98 $42.00

Marie Laveau's Man Whose Business is Poor Kit

Use this kit to attract customers into your business. Customers that come into your business will spend money and make your business thrive financially. This kit comes with the items your need to improve your business and have it be free of any hex or jinx that may be put upon it.
$30.00 $20.50

Marie Leaveau's Lucky Hand Kit

Bring Lady Luck to the palm of your hands! This Works Especially with Money Drawing and all Games of Chance! This kit brings you luck in all areas involving Cash Flow, Money Drawing and Success! WIN BIG adn ACCOMPLISH ALL!
$59.98 $32.50

Marie Leveau's How To Improve Your Condition Kit

Improve your situation and things around you by using this kit! Any condition that you may be facing, wheather it is bad luck, jinx, hex or cross conditions or anything else, will be improved when you use this kit all the way through.
$30.00 $23.50

Marie Leveau's Lady Who Has An Empty House Kit

If you are lonely because your house is empty, use this kit to bring happiness to your life! Do not let the emotions of lonliness overwhelm you. This kit will bring positive vibrations to you and your home. Make others want to visit you and be surrounded by love again!
$59.98 $22.00

Person Who Wishes To Be Uncrossed

Crossed up? Stop suffering from jinx and crossed conditions that have been put on you by negative forces and evil enemies. This kit can help you by removing the crosses and jinx. Be free and stop confusion. Get your life back!
$59.98 $37.50

Person Who Wishes to Obtain a Job

Use this small handy kit to have the power to attain and keep a job that you need.
$40.00 $27.50

Person Whose Business Is In Bad Shape

Use this kit to improve your business! Draw in new and old customers and bring in more money than ever! Do not let this bad economy make you suffer anymore. Be successful NOW!
$59.98 $22.50

Person Wishes To Get A Job Kit

Are you unemployed or unhappy at your current job? If so then use this kit and change that! Find and hold the job of your dreams. Or use this kit to get a raise or promotion at your current job!
$49.98 $24.00

The Best Gambling Hand Kit

This is the best kit used for drawing lots of money your way and makes sure you keep on winning! If you are a big time gambler - then this is the kit for you! Win at slots, cards, bingo, lottery, and all other casino games! Bring luck in a hurry!
$59.98 $46.50

To Conquer Those That Have Made You Suffer

Have control and power over those who have plotted against you and have made you suffer. If someone is bringing you down and crossing you up - turn it around and get them back! Conquer them with power!
$39.98 $29.00

To Develop Happiness

Are you depressed, anxious, sad, overwhelmed, frustrated, and just plain o unhappy? Use this kit to figure out why you are so unhappy, then fix your problems so you can be HAPPY! This kit will bring you positive vibrations and good luck so you can turn your attitude and life around!
$59.98 $23.00