The magic power of spells and spiritual goods of Marie Laveau have been known to accomplish all! Choose the right kit for you, your friends or loved ones!  ALL KITS COME WITH COMPLETE DIRECTIONS AND A FREE MARIE LAVEAU BOOK OF BLACK AND WHITE MAGIC!! Anything can be overcome and acheived when using these powerful Marie Laveau Kits.

To Dress Homes, Places of Business & Churches

Use this kit to bless and dress your home, place of business or even your church.
$45.00 $26.50

To Gain Spiritual Strength

Get spiritual help and strength with this kit. This kit will give you control, strength, courage, and a positive attitude to overcome any situation - no matter how bad it is! Prayer is recommended for maximum result - FAITH WORKS MIRACLES. Do not give up - God will not give you more than you can handle.
$59.98 $27.50

To Get Rid Of Evil Spirits

This kit will remove and chase away the evil spiits that haunt you and your family. Remove them from your environment with powerful evil stopping power! Don't let evil spirits keep you nervous and upset. GET RID OF THEM with this kit! You and your family will be safe and protected from all evil and harm.
$59.98 $23.00

To Obtain Success Kit

Be successful in whatever you try by using this kit! Failure is not an option! You can have a great job, a great family, succeed in school, make good money, get a good lover, be lucky, and more! Have success in anything you do!
$39.98 $24.00

To Stop Gossip

If people are talking nasty about you or spreading rumors, use this kit to shut them up! Stop the Gossip! Works on anyone, family, so called friends, co-workers, ANYONE!
$59.98 $18.00