Amulets are objects which have intrinsic power to give protection to it's wearers, where as Taslismans are specifically used for a particular purpose in mind. Amulets protect the wearer by absorbing all the negativity around the person, Talismans generate positivity to reach their objective. Choose the right one for you. 

For Good Fortune Necklace

Wear or carry this amulet to win any gambling game or game of chance. Receive Fast Luck and Good Fortune in all matters in your life.
$60.00 $24.95

For Happy Events and Work Success Necklace

This powerful charm should be worn to attract happy events and work success.
$30.00 $19.95

For Happy Love and Good Friendships Necklace

This powerful charm should be worn to draw on the wisdom of the old and bring Happiness and Love into the life of the wearer.
$30.00 $19.95

For Strength, Power, Riches and Abundance

This powerful charm should be worn to draw on the wisdom of the old and bring strength, power and abundance into the life of the wearer
$30.00 $19.95

For Success in Work & Trade Necklace

Wear or carry this amulet to do well at your job and get the raise you deserve! Have people stop bothering you at work.
$60.00 $24.95

For Winning a Lover's Heart Necklace

This powerful charm should be worn to win a lover's heart.
$30.00 $19.95

Hand of Fortune Necklace

Be happy and wealthy, beat the odds !
$65.00 $19.95

Hieroglyphica Necklace

No more aches and pains, or suffering. Be free of health conditions and issues.
$25.00 $19.95

Magical Figure of Happiness Necklace

Wear or carry to have unlimited happiness. You will never be sad or depressed again! No more misery, pain or suffering from life's anguish.
$60.00 $24.95

Medieval Charm Necklace

For Speedier Achievements of Goals. Wear or carry this to bring about a quick action - for all your desires - anything you want out of life.
$25.00 $19.95

Mystic Star Necklace

For Harmony in love and friendship. Wear or carry for strong love. Wear or carry this to bring out a quick action - for all your desires - anything you want.
$25.00 $19.95

Pentacle of Eden Necklace

For Winning a lover's Heart. Wear or carry to win the affection of a desired person and to maintain a loving relationship, with kindness, respect & passion.
$25.00 $19.95

Shri Yantra Necklace

Jewel in Lotus for Good Luck. Wear or carry for Fast Luck, Good Luck in Gambling - Jinx Removing and Protections from any and all evil.
$25.00 $19.95

Star of Solomon Necklace

For Wisdom, Intuition and Understanding. Wear or carry to acquire wisdom, psychic power, intuition and to know the truth in all matters.
$25.00 $19.95

Sun Talisman Necklace

Wear or carry this super charged talisman for Health, Wealth and Happiness! Attract the things in life and be pain free. Heal your aches, increase your cash and be happy!
From $24.95

Sword of David Necklace

For Courage and Powerful Protection. Wear or carry to drive away evil and any for of harm. Helps with courses cases or have the judge rule in your favor, too!
$25.00 $19.95

To Develop Ones Intellectual Abilities Necklace

Wear or carry to become very smart when wearing this most powerful talisman. You will gain intellectual abilities to deal with matters of life, love, money, and how to play gambling games and always win! Pass any test or exams you need to.
$60.00 $24.95

To Fulfill Ambitions and Achieve Success Necklace

Wear or carry and the ambitions you have in life will become reality and you will have great success in all of them. All of your goals well be met - in work, school, love or life.
$60.00 $24.95

To Surmount Obstacles Necklace

Wear or carry to destroy any and all of life's obstacles or blocks. Any difficulty in your life will be overcome with great success. Conquer all problems, with power!
$60.00 $24.95

Tree of Life Necklace

Wear or carry to increase knowledge! Wisdom and understanding in all subject matters in school and life. Pass that exam or test! Get the raise you've been wanting!
$25.00 $19.95

Ying Yang Necklace

For Peace and Tranquility. Wear or carry to relax and clear your mind to receive inner peace and joy. No more confusion!
$50.00 $19.95

Fast Luck/Money Drawing Gemstone Power Pendant

Do you need luck in a hurry? Do you need some quick money? Wear this Fast Luck/Money Drawing Aventurine Gemstone Power Necklace and state 3 wishes while holding it in your right hand and your prayers will be answered, it is said.
From $8.50

Keep Away Evil and Enemies Gemstone Power Pendant

Are evil spirits or people bothering you, your home, or your family? Stop it now and make the devil and all jinx or curses on you be gone! Drive all evil and enemies away. Just wear The Keep Away Evil & Enemies Amethyst Gemstone Power Necklace and say Psalm 54 and 64 and your prayers will be answered, it is said.
From $8.50

King Solomon/Block Buster Gemstone Power Pendant

Is someone or something blocking your money, love life, or health? Do you seem to be blocked at every turn? Bust through any block with this King Solomon and Block Buster Tiger Eye Gemstone necklace. Carry or wear this to Unblock forces holding and keeping you down!
From $8.50

Lucky Miracle Pendant: Chango Macho

High power conquering and controlling for any situation or condition. This African King was rich and loved by many woman. Call upon the power of Chango Macho and get what you want!
$15.95 $11.95

Lucky Miracle Pendant: Good Luck Horseshoe

Brings you good luck in a hurry and has amazing money pulling power. Wear it everyday and luck will be by your side. Have good luck in all things!
$12.98 $8.95

Lucky Miracle Pendant: Lucky Hand

This successful lucky gamblers piece helps hit jackpots and winning numbers. Wear this or carry it with you when playing any game of chance. You will have the winning hand, works for cards, slots, bingo, lottery, and more! WIN BIG!
$12.98 $8.95

Lucky Miracle Pendant: One Lover Pendant

Keeps your lover faithful to you and brings back the romance to your relationship. Wear or carry with you to make him or her have eyes for you only! Have them close by at all times!
$12.98 $11.95

Lucky Miracle Pendant: Prayer Before A Crucifix

Jesus will help you in your time of need, no matter how hopeless or desperate you are. Wear or carry this with you for all purpose blessings. Say prayer for extra strength!
$12.98 $8.95

Lucky Miracle Pendant: St. Barbara Pendant

Be protected from all evil, harm, and jealousy. She helps keep enemies away. Wear or carry with you to keep your enemies at a distance - get fast relief from those that bring you down!
$12.98 $9.95

Lucky Miracle Pendant: St. Michael's Sword

Makes the devil run out of your life forever. He will fight for you. Wear or carry for protection against evil and enemies. Do not suffer anymore - defend yourself!
$12.98 $8.95

Lucky Miracle Pendant: St. Simon

Helps you bust through any block holding you down. Opens roads to success and also helps you win in court cases. Overcome difficult obstacles and be successful!
$12.95 $9.95

Lucky Miracle Pendant: Star of David with Mezuzah

Brings you health, wealth, prosperity, and an easy life! Wear or carry for all purpose blessings and protection. Say prayer for extra strength!
$12.98 $8.95

Lucky Miracle Pendants: Black Madama

Turns back and reverses all voodoo, witchcraft, and spells. Uncross yourself from the evil doings by your enemies. Stop them from holding you back.
$12.98 $9.95

True Love/Come To Me Gemstone Power Pendant

Do you need quick help with your love life? Draw your lover close and make him/her stay close and desire you only when you wear The True Love/ Come To Me Rose Quartz Gemstone Power Necklace. Just state 3 wishes while holding it in your left hand against your heart and it will be done!
From $8.50

Turn Back/Reverse Arrowhead Gemstone Power Pendant

Wear or carry this powerful Turn Back/Reverse Arrowhead Gemstone Power Necklace. It is said to Turn Back All Evil and Reverse Bad Luck! Helps drive away evil, jinxes, hexes, or curses that people put on you, your home or your family. Get rid of Bad Luck and Feel Good Again!
From $8.50

4 Leaf Clover Pendant in Envelope

Carry in purse, pocket, or wallet to win at any gambling games! This genuine 4 leaf clover keeps the money rolling in and keeps lady luck on your side!
$12.95 $9.95

Four Leaf Clover XXX Envelope Talisman

Symbol for good luck and proseperity, Carry this with you always for luck in all things you do. It will be your little secret!
$9.99 $7.98

Good Luck Horseshoe Pendant in Envelope

Use this Good Luck Horseshoe to draw in all that good luck thats been missing from your life! Hit that lucky number to help you out in your financial needs! Have that lover you've been wanting only have eyes for you! Do not worry about having bad luck just plague your life! Carry this lucky horseshoe talisman where ever you go and watch as the good luck comes your way!
From $6.65

Lucky Elephant XXX Envelope Talisman

For good luck in all aspects of life.
From $6.65

St. Michael's Sword XXX Envelope Talisman

Block and destroy enemies with the sword of compelling force. St.Michael can help fight your battles. Fear no more! Wear this talisman as a powerful aid in gaining victory over evil. He is a defender of your every need. Pray to him to seek power and justice in all matters- big or small.
$9.99 $7.98

Miracle Healing Amulet: Man's Head

Helps men ease tension and confusion and gives peace of mind. Helps men sleep and get rid of headaches. Increases courage and strength!
$12.98 $8.95

Miracle Healing Amulet: Nails

These 3 nails help cleanse your body and soul. They help remove evil spirits and negative thoughts from your body. Suffer no more and be protected!
$12.98 $8.95

Miracle Healing Amulet: Woman's Head

Helps women ease tension and confusion and gives peace of mind. Helps women sleep and get rid of headaches. Gives power and strength too!
$12.98 $8.95

Miracle Healing Amulets: Heart

Helps if you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart problems or an achy heart. Have a healthy heart with this miracle healing amulet!
$12.98 $8.95

Dr. Dee's Table Necklace

For universal protection from evil, spells, bad luck, evil & harm.
$45.00 $19.95

Keep Away/Stay Away Gemstone Power Necklace

Are enemies, neighbors, or "so-called" friends bothering you? If so, carry or wear The Keep Away/Stay Away Shark Tooth Gemstone Power Necklace to MOVE AWAY these evil people and make them STAY AWAY- for good!- Stop them from doing any more harm to you!
From $8.50

Controlling/Do As I Say Gemstone Power Necklace

Wear or carry this powerful Controlling/ Do As I Say Goldstone Gemstone Power Necklace to control any problem or situation- with lovers, friends, people at work, church, children or nosy family members. Pray your desires while holding this gemstone in your right hand.
From $8.50

Jinx Removing/Run Devil Run Gemstone Power Necklace

Kill that jinx and make it go away for good. You can wear, carry or even place this Jinx Removing/Run Devil Run Hematite Gemstone Power Necklace under your pillow to get rid of all evil, jinx, and crossed conditions. Make the devil run now! You can get rid of your bad luck now!
From $8.50

Money Magnet/Money Pull Gemstone Power Necklace

Find that winning streak and get on a roll and get out of debt! You can have money to pay bills and buy the things you want and need! Use The Lucky Gamblers Pyrite Gemstone Power Necklace to help you hit that winning number and win big today! Wear this on the day you play.
From $8.50