Amulets are objects which have intrinsic power to give protection to it's wearers, where as Taslismans are specifically used for a particular purpose in mind. Amulets protect the wearer by absorbing all the negativity around the person, Talismans generate positivity to reach their objective. Choose the right one for you. 

Miracle Healing Amulet: Nails

These 3 nails help cleanse your body and soul. They help remove evil spirits and negative thoughts from your body. Suffer no more and be protected!
$12.98 $8.95

Miracle Healing Amulet: Woman's Head

Helps women ease tension and confusion and gives peace of mind. Helps women sleep and get rid of headaches. Gives power and strength too!
$12.98 $8.95

Miracle Healing Amulets: Heart

Helps if you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart problems or an achy heart. Have a healthy heart with this miracle healing amulet!
$12.98 $8.95

Dr. Dee's Table Necklace

For universal protection from evil, spells, bad luck, evil & harm.
$45.00 $19.95

Keep Away/Stay Away Gemstone Power Necklace

Are enemies, neighbors, or "so-called" friends bothering you? If so, carry or wear The Keep Away/Stay Away Shark Tooth Gemstone Power Necklace to MOVE AWAY these evil people and make them STAY AWAY- for good!- Stop them from doing any more harm to you!
From $8.50

Controlling/Do As I Say Gemstone Power Necklace

Wear or carry this powerful Controlling/ Do As I Say Goldstone Gemstone Power Necklace to control any problem or situation- with lovers, friends, people at work, church, children or nosy family members. Pray your desires while holding this gemstone in your right hand.
From $8.50

Jinx Removing/Run Devil Run Gemstone Power Necklace

Kill that jinx and make it go away for good. You can wear, carry or even place this Jinx Removing/Run Devil Run Hematite Gemstone Power Necklace under your pillow to get rid of all evil, jinx, and crossed conditions. Make the devil run now! You can get rid of your bad luck now!
From $8.50

Money Magnet/Money Pull Gemstone Power Necklace

Find that winning streak and get on a roll and get out of debt! You can have money to pay bills and buy the things you want and need! Use The Lucky Gamblers Pyrite Gemstone Power Necklace to help you hit that winning number and win big today! Wear this on the day you play.
From $8.50

"2 in 1" Mind Power and Mind Clearing Gemstone Power Necklace

Concentrate better now! Clear your mind so you can improve your memory. Get The "2 In 1" Mind Power And Mind Clearing Moonstone Gemstone Power Necklace to overcome all obstacles in your life and to cleanse your mind, body and soul.
From $8.50