March Special: Oils/Spirits

Spirits of Turpentine

Use Spirits of Turpentine as an indoor or outdoor house blessing to remove all evil spirits and spells that surround you and your family. The Spirits of Turpentine will chase away the evil that lurks in or around your home. Spirits of Turpentine is an ancient rememdy for spiritual illness and can works wonders in getting rif of unwanted demons, spirits, evil, and enemies. Not to be ingested. External Use Only.
$7.98 $4.99

Spirits Of Ammonia

Spirit of Ammonia is used as an indoor or outdoor house blessing to remove all evil spirits, demons, and spells.
From $2.99

Camphor Oil

Use this oil to destroy any evil and jinx, and gain victory over any enemies working against you. Put a capful or two in your mop water or sprinkle in the corners of your room, or where the evil lives and you will be protected against any harm, jealousy or nasty talk.
From $3.99

Casino Jackpot Oil

This new and powerful oil can help anyone hit the jackpot! Rub this oil on your hands and money and WIN the JACKPOT! This oil never loses its power! You deserve to be a winner!
$7.98 $3.99

Lucky Penny( in the bottle) Gamblers Oil

This lucky penny in the bottle will help you win! This is a very popular oil, just rub some on your hands before you play and relax as you watch the money start rolling in.
$7.98 $4.99

High John the Conqueror Oil with Roots

This super powerful oil does it all! Draw luck and money, and gain control and power of anything! This oil will help you in all conditions and drive away all evils and bless you. Wear it daily.
$7.98 $4.99

Rose Oil with Buds

This oil with rose buds has an amazing drawing power and spiritual cleansing powers. It is especially good for making all love situations better and stronger. Use on your body for a daily blessing to remove evil form your body.
$7.98 $4.99

Money Growing Root Of Life

Use this oil to help you draw Big Money! Multiply your money quick! Then powerful roots will work like a magnet to attract all the money you need and want!
$12.95 $7.99

Rev Moses Horn Of Plenty Oil

Rev. Moses Horn of Plenty Oil comes with special money drawing roots to give you plenty of cash that you so desperately need. It is also good for drawing people to your business or church. Be prosperous and live an easy life!
$7.98 $4.99

Castor Oil

This blessed oil helps you clean your body and soul. It will get rid of unwanted conditions in your body. Gives peace of mind and stops confusion, and uncrosses you. It will make the evil pass through your body. One of the best body cleansers you can take!
$7.98 $4.99

Egyptian Musk Oil

This is a very powerful love drawing oil from Egypt. Wear it as a perfume like the Goddess Cleopatra did and get whatever you desire in your love situation. Works fast and great!
$9.95 $5.99

River Jordan Olive Oil

This oil is 100% pure and blessed from the River Jordan and is used for holy blessings in your home, car, or workplace. It gives extra power to whatever you are praying for. Use it on your body for a body and mind cleansing.
$9.95 $5.99