Mini Marie Laveau New Orleans Doll 6 Inches

This Powerful Voodoo Queen was a Master at Influence & Control. Use this doll to achieve all your desires, & have others do as you say with her help, you can Conquer Any Situation. Get what you want!
SKU: D5509

This Powerful Voodoo Queen was a master at Influence and Control in all that she did. People were drawn to her like a magnet and adored all that she brought into the spiritual community. She can be used to help you get the things that you truly want and desire! Have people bent over to your will, fast! Gain the respect that you deserve without asking for it! Achieve all of your wishes and desires with this POWERFUL Mini Marie Laveau New Orleans Doll. This doll is made in New Orleans and is packed with extra mojo! 



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