Miracle Candle Spells with Candle Burning Prayers for a Good and Prosperous Life

Now it is possible to experience a miracle a minute! Lighting a specific colored candle in conjunction with reciting a short spell could bring a much needed miracle into your life!
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Lighting a Specific Colored Candle in the Conjunction with reciting a short spell could bring a much needed Miracle into your life! Thousands have overcome the odds in a short amount of time. You can too! 

Thousands have overcome all the odds in just sixty seconds! 

We have all gone through periods of loneliness and grief caused by a crisis, an illness or perhaps even death. Out of despair we may have gotten down on our knees and prayed to God for guidance and a miracle to happen in our lives. 
Many of us may feel disappointed that our prayers to God have gone mostly unanswered.  It is possible that we are NOT following the necessary "procedures" which will enable God to hear our call for help? Is there more to harvesting a miracle than just getting down on your knees and stretching your hands in praise to the Lord, thereby having your demands met?
Co-author Maria D'Andrea says that visualizing your prayers will ramp up the reaction you are likely to get. And, in order to intensity the visualization process, she teaches that there are several things which are of thremendous help in projecting your prayers with super speed into the Heavenly realms. 

1 - Choosing the prorper prayer - on that is a quite specific petition to the Almighty.

2 - The time (day) you select to send forth your prayer for help creates the necessary vibrations to get a positive answer. 

3 - Candles are important in any spiritual ritual. Burning a specific colored candle alongside you when you pray will light the way to a
posi-tive outcome for your prayers.

4 - And burning incense will send your message directly to the cosmos. There are specific incenses that will ain in obtaining the desired positive results, depending on the prayers you wish to have recognized.

This book contains dozens of relevant prayers that can turn your life around as well as their associated colored candle types, mixtures of incense to be burned and times that are best to increase your chances of experiencing a miracle. So focus speicifically on your intentions. Speiak iwht determination, and above all else, use the spiritual tools given in this specially blessed book.

140 Pages

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