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Stop Evil Camphor Blocks

Blocks all jinx and evil coming your way. Stops all enemies dead in their tracks and turns back evil. Be safe and be protected, now – always! Drives away all evil spirits in and around you!
From $10.00

Money Blessing Ink

Write your special wish, desire or request to the Lord when praying for anything you need or want - for money, luck in gambling, court, job matters - any situation where you need money! 1 oz Bottle.
$8.95 $4.98

Jade Money Elephant Statue Set

Set of 6 The Elephant is a symbol of Good Luck, Money and Power- just what you need to get some luck in a hurry and draw some money, fast.
$39.95 $29.95

Chase Away Evil Broom

Hang this Chase Away Evil Broom over your door, Sweep or Brush yourself to get rid of Negativity and to Bring Success to your life.

Go Away Evil Pocket Stone

This Powerful Miracle stone comes with a FREE Blessed Mojo Bag and "Go Away Evil" oil. Use your thumb and forefinger and rub your troubles away! Use 3 minutes per day and keep it in the Mojo Bag the rest of the time. It works miracles! Faith Works Miracles!
$20.00 $9.95

Powerful Snake Head

Keep this powerful Snake Head in your home or whatever you feel evil spirits and the devil working his nasty deeds. Removes and Destroys all evil & enemies from your path. Destroys ALL curses, voodoo, or witchcraft spells placed on you. Fear no more! Be safe and protected from all danger, harm and Satan and all his evil works. Stop suffering now!

Alligator Foot

Fear Not! Walk over and Destroy all evil. Do not be afraid. IF someone has done evil to you - there is no need to worry. Carry this powerful foot with you in your pocket, purse, or leave it in your home to protect you. The devil and all his works will be destroyed.

Alligator Tooth

Keep it in your home with the jar provided, or carry it with you - to Break and Turn Back Any spell, jinx, or curse on you - sent by your enemies or evil doers. Break that spell quick!

Cascarilla (Protection) Cups

This very potent cleansing and protection powder comes in chalk form - so you can "mark" the areas with this powder - where you need actual protection. You can also "mark" the parts of your body with this chalky powder, that need the most protection - only on the Outside of your body - It's not for internal use.

CLEARANCE: All Natural Healing (Alum) Stones

This natural Deodorant Stone absorbs bad smells and body odors and gets rid of them and it is all-natural - no chemicals to harm your body. It is known for its healing and soothing properties - it instantly calms the skin down so you feel better. Good to apply to scratches or cuts on your face and skin. It is non-sticky, non-toxic and has a lasting effect throughout the day.
$10.00 $3.99

Good Health & Happiness Buddha

The laughing Buddha will bring happiness, riches and good luck into your life.

Good Luck & Good Fortune Buddha

Are you tired of not being included during times of fun? Tired of good luck slipping from your hands?

Happy Home & Prosperity Buddha

Bring into your home prosperity, love, happiness and togetherness.

Love & Wealth Buddha

Experience Love & Wealth when you invite this very powerful Buddha in your life.

Protector & Helper to the Poor Buddha

Be protected from everything that is haunting you in your life, and get the health you deserve in order to lead a productive life.