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All Powerful Gris-Gris Bag

This all-powerful Gris-Gris Bag is believed to protect the wearer from all evil! Gris-Gris Bags can also bring good fortune in all things to the wearer.

High Power Lucky BINGO Bag

This power-packed bag comes with all of the roots, herbs, and gemstones you need to win big at BINGO! Kit also includes the Lucky BINGO Oil to anoint your bag and a Lucky BINGO Dauber!

Lucky Dice Sure To Win Bag

Carrying this lucky bag while playing any game of chance will ensure you win big! You will hit the jackpot and never miss "by one number" ever again!

Rev. Moses Lucky Hand Bag

This powerful bag is sure to bring good fortune in all situations. Helps to draw luck in all gambling and casino games, and can draw money to you to solve all of your financial worries.
$24.95 $15.99

XXX Triple Power Win Court Case/Lawsuit Bag

When carried with you to court, this blessed bag will help you get a favorable outcome! The judge will rule on your behalf, or throw your case out completely! Instructions are included on how to use this very special and powerful bag!