7 Knot Spell Kit for Love

Draws true love close to you. Holds and keeps your true love. Your special someone will desire and love you ONLY!
$16.00 $12.95

7 Knot Spell Kit for Money

Draw money fast! You will pull money like a magnet and be wealthy! No more money problems!
$25.00 $12.95

7 Knot Spell Kit For Power & Control

Gain the power and control you've always wanted! Control all situations in your favor! Have the power to have your lover listen to you ONLY!!!!
$16.00 $9.95

Double Luck Wishbone Quick Money Fast Luck & Gambling

Famous lucky wishbone is great for drawing fast luck! Wear or carry your lucky wishbone!

Double Luck Wishbone Stop Evil Protection and Jinx Removing

Wear or carry your double luck wishing bone and feel protected and watch as all evil and jinx is removed from you.

Frank and Myrrh Resin Incense Burning Kit

Burn this delightful and powerful incense to give you, your home, and your family the most pure and holy blessings attainable. This incense was used by kings, African Rulers, and the three wise men to achieve Peace, Power and Prosperity! It has also been used since the time of Jesus Christ in casting out and driving away all evil demons, spirits and enemies. Cleanse your surroundings and get rid of evil conditions with this powerful incense.

High John Roots & Supplies

Here are the roots and the supplies you need in order to work the High John the Conqueror Products. Don't feel the hand of evil, jinx or hex pushing you down. You have all the supplies necessary to fight off those bad vibes and receive nothing but good mojo!

High John the Conqueror Triple Strength Kit

Use these supplies to give your High John The Conqueror Root Extra Triple Power! This package comes with High John the Conqueror Powder, High John the Conqueror Soap, High John the Conqueror Incense and High John the Conqueror herb.

Rev. Moses Problem Solver Packages

Whether you have money problems or bad luck; or you feel jinxed or crossed up; or you feel the devil & evil spirits all around you; or you need luck in a hurry when playing any casino games or the lottery; or if you have legal or court problems; or if your health is poor & you are suffering with aches & pains; or if you ANY OTHER PROBLEM - Please Let Rev. Moses know & he and his Staff will pray for you and get you the products you need for a quick & powerful solution. Get what you want & need!
From $35.00