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Bluestone Crystal Bath and Sprinkling Salt

Sprinkle outside home or in yard to drive away evil. Sprinkle near back and front door to keep away nosey or jealous neighbors. Put in bath to remove evil or spells on or inside you. Sprinkle in closets or corners of rooms to make the devil run and to remove any jinx or evil on you or your family. Or use as an All purpose Good luck/Protection Bath or Sprinkling salt. (1/2 lb bag)
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Monkey Paw Bath & Sprinkling Salt

Used for fast luck, protection, and to destroy all jinxes and curses in or around you, your loved ones or at your workplace. This powerful item is also a very effective fast money-puller from any source!

Rev. Moses Dead Sea Salt

1lb Bag- This is a natural way of relaxation and healing. People all over the world go to the Dead Sea to relieve aches and pains from stress or Arthritis or Rheumatism, and other skin or muscle ailments. Use this Dead Sea Salt in your bath and have relief from tension. END NERVOUSNESS AND CONFUSION. Comes with directions.
$16.95 $11.95

Rev. Moses Spiritual Cleansing Bath

Use Rev. Moses Spiritual Bath Liquid to remove the evil and bad odors from your body. Use Rev. Moses Spiritual Bath Liquid and remove all evil and its nasty odors for good and feel good again! This also cleanses you from all crossed and jinxed conditions.

Rev. Moses Spiritual Cleansing/Uncrossing Bath & Soak

It is a Great Idea to Use this Product Before Using any Other Products - You Must Uncross Yourself First In Order For The Other Products to Work Properly! Use this cleansing bath and body soak to remove the evil and crossed conditions that you suffer from. It keeps away enemies and gets the devil out of you. Blessed by Rev. Moses for extra strength!

Salt Peter

If you are nervous or upset, sprinkle in bath water. Use to get rid of evil spirits and evil doers and give you peace of mind.
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Sea Salt

Place on a mirror with a picture of your mate, to make him return to you. Do this nine days in a row.
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Stop Evil Sprinkling Salt

Stop evil from entering your home and chase it away for Good! Stop evil neighbors and so-called friends from doing you harm, stop the devil and his followers. Keep unwanted people or nosey neighbors off your property. Have peace of mind when you use this Stop Evil Sprinkling Salt - House and Yard Dressing!
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