Money Jackpot Bracelet

Get Luck in a Hurry for all money problems. Specially formulated to See the Winning Numbers- Hit that Jackpot!
SKU: B4777

This poweful bracelet un-blocks money that is coming your way- any old way- to pay off all your house bills, rent or, taxes or car payments. Helps get some cash in your pocket, quick!

This bracelet also contains an "All-Seeing Eye" to help you Hit that Winning Number so you can Win Big! Especially if you're tired of missing by one number all the time. Helps you Win at all Casino Games: Bingo, Blackjack, Craps, Dice, Lottery, Mega- Millions, PowerBall, Racetrack and Any Gambling game.

Win Big- Hit that Winning Number- and Get Rich Quick today!

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