Money Release Necklace

*Get someone to let go of their MONEY *GOOD LUCK in gambling and Bingo *Draw MONEY from people that owe you *Release MONEY in a lawsuit *Release MONEY from loan companies *Get a WAGE INCREASE or RAISE on the job!
SKU: J2369

This Money Release Necklace will get someone to let go of their MONEY                                        *GOOD LUCK in gambling and Bingo                                                                                                 *Draw MONEY from people that owe you                                                                                              *Release MONEY in a lawsuit                                                                                                           *Release MONEY from loan companies                                                                                                   *Get a WAGE INCREASE or RAISE on the job!

This piece is blessed and recommended by Rev. Moses. It carries a lot of strength and provides great results to the people who wear or carry it.

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