Monkey Paw Bubble Bath/Liquid Soap

Used for fast luck, protection, and to destroy all jinxes and curses in or around you, your loved ones or at your workplace. This powerful item is also a very effective fast money-puller from any source!
SKU: MP115

Used for fast luck, and protection against evil in every form. This powerful item works to destroy any and all jinxes or curses that may be lingering in or around you, your loved ones, or even at your workplace! Bathe with this liquid to cleanse all negativity and evil from your life. Cleanse with this item before any gambling or games of chance in order to draw luck to you fast!

The 4 oz. Money Paw Bubble Bath & Liquid Soap is a good wash to have when you are needing luck fast! Wash your hands with this soap before playing any games of chance or gambling and watch as you win it big and hit it big!

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