Monkey Paw Oil

Use this oil for fast luck and protection from all evil. Works to destroy any curses, hexes, or jinxes quickly! This oil is also a powerful money drawer- and brings luck in gambling and games of chance!
SKU: MP103

This powerful spiritual oil brings luck in a hurry, and wards off all evil. Use this oil to draw luck to you quickly, and protect from any evil spirits or negative energy. Helps to destroy all curses and hexes in or around you, your home, your loved ones or at your workplace. This oil also draws luck, and is especially effective in helping to win at gambling and games of chance!

This 1 oz. Bottle of Powerful Monkey Paw Oil can be used to anoint your hands when you go play any games of chance or gambling to bring fast luck to you. It can also be used to anoint The Monkey Paw Candle (Item MP142). Monkey Paw oil is the perfect oil for bringing fast luck and money into your life! 

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