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Devotional Mt. Carmel & Sacred Heart of Jesus Spiritual Scapular

Helper to the poor & needy. Ask and your shall receive. Attain spiritual power and a happy life.
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Helper to the poor & needy. Ask and your shall receive. Attain spiritual power and a happy life.  With The Sacred Heart of Jesus, you will never leave the sight of Jesus Christ the Almighty, and Mt. Carmel will bring the love of the Mother of Christ into your heart, and fill you with joy.

1 Mt. Carmel & Sacred Heart of Jesus Scapular is 24 inches in length and are $8.95 each.

Mt. Carmel Prayer:
O all-blessed, immaculate Virgin, ornament and glory of Mount Carmel, thou who dost look with most gracious countenance on those who have been clothed with thy venerable livery, look kindly also on me and take me under the mantle of thy maternal protection. Strengthen my weakness with thy might; enlighten the darkness of my heart with thy wisdom; increase in me faith, hope and charity. So adorn my souls with graces and virtues that it may always be dear to thy divine Son and thee. Assist me during life, comfort me in death with thy most sweet presence, and present me as thy child and faithful servant to the most Holy Trinity, that I may be enabled to praise and extol thee in heaven forever. Amen.

Sacred Heart of Jesus Prayer:
I fly to Thee Sacred Heart of my Savior, for Thou art for my refuge, my only hope. Thou art the remedy for all my miseries, my consolation in all my wretchedness, the reparation for all my infidelities, the supplement for all my deficiencies, the expiation for all my sins, and the hope and end of all my prayers. Thou art the only one Who is never weary of me and Who can bear with my faults, because Thou lovest me with an infinite love. Therefore, O my God, have mercy on me according to Thy great mercy, and do with me, and for me, and in me, whatever Thou wilt, for I give myself entirely to Thee, divine Heart, with full confidence that Thou will never reject me. Amen.


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