Natures Power Pendants

Highly Spiritual! 

Each pendant is packed with tiny semi-precious stones in a glass vial & "magnetized" with a natural oil, which helps to give you powerful effects.

Each pendant has its own individual healing properties, suited for your condition, to get what you want. All handmade pendants come carded, with a 23" silver tone ball chain.

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Against Bad Luck/Evil (Lapis)

Keep evil out of your life and the good luck flowing in!
From $20.00

All Purpose/Good Luck Pendant (7 Colors)

Wear to manifest luck into your life!
From $20.00

Cleansing/Purification (Zebra's Marble)

Connect yourself to nature with a cleansing pendant!
From $20.00

Eases Tension/Nerves Pendant (Peridot)

Can be used to comfort you when you're tense, confused, or nervous!
From $20.00

Good Luck & Fortune Pendant (Goldstone)

This sparkling man made stone favors the wearer with good luck & fortune!
From $20.00

Health/Healing Pendant (Amethyst)

Relieve ANY current health issues, mental or physical!
From $20.00

High Conquering/Power Pendant (Tiger Eye)

Conquer negativity and evil NOW!
From $20.00

Job/Success Pendant (Amber)

Attract success in YOUR life with ease!
From $20.00

Lucky Dreams Pendant (Jade)

Calm your nerves and relax!
From $20.00

Strong Love (Rose Quartz)

Keep your love strong and make your lover desire you only!
From $20.00

Wealth/Prosperity Pendant (3 Fishes)

Receive financial blessings that you strongly desire!
From $20.00