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Reversible Spray

All the bad luck, jinxes, hexes and curses that your enemies have put on you - have it all be reversed to them! Send all the negativity back to those that have tried to put it on you!

Gypsy Witch Magic & Spells

By: Donna Rose Original Publications 2019

The Secret of Numbers Revealed

This book that contains the basics on how to analyze your name, the name of your loved ones & your dreams. Also contains information on how to find your lucky numbers and lucky names for your child!

Turmeric CBD Oil

Cold Pressed 100% Organic Turmeric CBD Oil "Why should I take Cannabis Oil (CBD)?" Virgin Organic Cannabis Oil is processed from industrial grade hemp, grown in Canada. This item has sold tens of thousands of bottles to retailers across the USA over the past 3 years. Our CBD Oil is rich in CBDs and terpenes and these elements interact together to produce a superior oil. The Cannabis Oil is never diluted with cheaper oils... it's 100% pure.

Monkey's Paw Extra Strong Bath and Floor Wash

Highest quality bath and floor wash!

Bring Happiness 7 Day Candle

"Traer La Felicidad" - Bring Happiness 7 Day Candle

The Magic Formula for Personal Power

10 Steps in Self Development: Gain your personal power back!