Occult & Witchcraft Books

Everything you ever wanted to know on spellcasting, ritual talismans, herbal concotions and everything in between. These books have what you need to make all your spellcasting and ritual work much easier and stronger.

An Encyclopedia of Occultism

The first book of its kind, dealing with the Occult. Everything you ever wanted to know of this subject and its subgenres is here. This is the number one selling book on the subject of Occultism.
$50.00 $29.95

Angel Spells : The Enochican Occult Workbook of Charms, Seals, Talismans and Ciphers

Now it is possible to speak directly to an angel in their own language to requests, guidance, protections, love, financial reward, relief from anxiety and stress, a return to sobriety and release from alcoholism and drug addiction, and the angels will fulfill this requests and more.
$35.00 $29.95

Become a SUPER-BEING! Easy Spells for Money, Luck and Love

Create your Reality, make your wishes come true and become a super-being!

Book of Shadows

Like other religions, Witchcraft has its deities, priests, holidays, rituals, and rules. Yet, Wiccan beliefs and practices are often unknown or misunderstood by non-Pagans and the uninitiated. Approaching the Craft from the Gardnerian perspective, Migene González-Wippler offers a friendly, straightforward introduction to the Old Religion and sheds light on what it truly means to be a Witch.
$15.98 $14.99

Book of Shadows by Lady Sheba

This authentic holy book of Wicca contains Secret initiations rites. Laws of the Craft, Ceremonies, Rituals, Invocations & actual Chants & Dances for calling on the gods - as well as blank pages to keep a record of your private spells.
$25.00 $14.99

Charms, Spells and Formulas

Spells to control evil and enemies, overcome addictions, stop domestic violence, and many more.
$15.98 $12.00

CLEARANCE: Nostradamus and His Prophecies

The prophecies of the controversial French prophet are collected in this book. This ediion includes both the English and French versions side by side. 400 years of predictions and prophecies with detailed notes and explanations.
$25.00 $11.99

Complete Book of Witchcraft

Here is the most complete self-study course in modern Wicca available, written by the person who first went public with "The Old Religion" in the United States. For group or solitary use, it includes rituals; exercises for developing psychic talents; information on all major "sects" of the Craft; sections on tools, beliefs, dreams, meditations, divination, herbal lore, healing, ritual clothing; and much, much more.
$30.00 $22.00

Cosmic Secrets of the master of Wisdom; A Final Solution to World Problems

The Magic of the Pentagram Revealed.
$50.00 $24.99

Curses and their Reversals

Omens, Superstitions and the Removal of the Evil Eye.
$50.00 $24.99


An easy to follow guide on how to make others obey your commands. Be a dominant figure everywhere you go and make others notice you. Finally get the respect and success you deserve!
$15.00 $9.00

Encyclopedia of Wicca & Witchcraft

The A-Z Treasury of Ancient and Modern Witchcraft. Also contains a glossary of terminology; book references; symbols and illustrations to better help you.
$39.95 $32.99

Eternal Light and The Emerald Tablets of Thoth

The mystery of Alchemy and the Quabalah in Relation to the Mysteries of Time and Space.
$50.00 $24.99

Famous Voodoo Rituals & Spells REVISED

FASCINATING SECRETS OF MYSTERIOUS VOODOO REVISED - The oils, powders, potions, incenses, herbs, candles and other paraphernalia used by Voodooists. The how, why and when to use.
$12.00 $9.98

Gypsy Witch Book of Old Pennsylvania Dutch Pow-Wow and Hexes

Pow-Wows, or the Long Lost Friend & King Zoltan's the mystic oracle - based on systems of the ancients.
$50.00 $28.95

How to become a Witch: The Path of Nature, Spirit & Magick

There are many excellent spiritual paths and ways of life that can help you grow, enjoy life, and progress toward your destiny. But if the moonlight calls you, and you can hear the panpipes and see the flames of the sabbat bonfire dancing - we will be waiting in the forest, in a circle near the old oak tree.
$25.00 $19.99

How to Clean your Home of Ghost & Spirits?

How to Clear Your Home of Ghosts & Spirits is a guide to everything you need to know to get rid of ghosts. Providing a brief history of haunts and delving into her own personal experiences, paranormal researcher Debi Chestnut sheds light on the different types of ghosts—from harmless spirits to destructive entities—and gives tips and techniques for clearing them. Join Debi as she explores how ghosts and spirits can be accidentally invited into the home and shows how to choose a paranormal team for extreme cases. Written in a no-nonsense style by an author with years of experience, this guide is a must-have for those who prefer to live with the facts instead of living in fear.

How To Conduct A Seance

How To Conduct A Séance By: Anna Riva - Talk to those beyond this physical world. Reach the spirits you have always dreamed of.
$10.00 $6.95

Occult Grimoire And Magical Formulary

A workbook for creating a positive life. Turn your life around with over 500 spells and formulas for luck, love, prosperity and peace of mind. Obtain the power to create a better life for yourself and your loved ones using comming spiritual tools and powerful spells recipes.
$40.00 $29.95

Silver's Spells For Protection

Get rid of enemies and evil forces. Have peace of mind and be safely protected with the spells that are included within this book.
$12.00 $12.95

Spooky Treasure Troves

UFO's, Ghosts, Cursed Pieces of Eight and the Paranormal ALL STORIES ARE TRUE! These spirits & ET's Could Lead You to a Fabulous Fortune!

The Black Pullet

Of the dubious origin and with no claim to antiquity other than purporting to incorporate the wisdom of the past, this famous book of Black Magic first surfaced at the end of the 18th century. With no traceable history The Black Pullet remains the most outstanding of these works. The anonymous author disavows any connection to Black Magic, yet details the construction of a series of talismanic rings and their uses in magical practice.
$15.00 $12.95

The Encyclopedia of Superstitions

By: Richard Webster - Documented here are over 500 of the most obscure, curious, and downright bizarre superstitions of the Western world. This all-encompassing compilation features modern practices—blessing someone who sneezes, saving wedding cake, wearing St. Christopher medals while traveling—as well as centuries-old beliefs. Discover how Friday the 13th, the Bermuda Triangle, ravens, and black cats became so unlucky. And, why the number seven, pennies, robins, and rabbits' feet are associated with good fortune. Trivia fans and fun fact fanatics will adore this eclectic collection of superstitions and irrational beliefs surrounding holidays, births, funerals, weddings, colors, gemstones, trees, flowers, fairies, foods, sailing, the theater, the mystical, and more.
$24.95 $18.95

The Modern Witchcraft Spellbook

Spells and rituals for every pupose, to help you get what you want and desire...love,power,success, money,prestige,popularity... it can all be yours!
$15.00 $8.00

The Occult, Witchcraft and the Devil's Feast in Old Mother Russia

Unholy Spirits in the gloomy east? Discover the mysterious "Dark Side" of Occultism in old Russia

The Truth About Witchcraft Today

To provide an introduction to every aspect of modern Witchcraft in a way that anyone can understand. This book is about Witchcraft today and assumes that is what interests you. As a result, there is not a lot of history here. Instead, it focuses on what people are doing today now in hundreds of thousands of homes, yards, forests, and other places all around the world.
$15.00 $8.95

Unhexing & Jinx Removing Book of Rituals

Easy-to-do unhexing and jinx removing spells. All you would need to learn to break hex or jinx spells off of you.
$10.00 $9.00


Tells how voodoo men, and hoodoo women and root doctors "lay tricks" and work their magic.
$20.00 $17.00

Voodoo Charms & Talismans

The definitive book you need in order to learn to make your own charms or talismans.
$16.00 $14.00

Voodoo Handbook of Cult Secrets

This book will teach you all you need to know about Black magic, Witchcraft, Ceremonial Rites & how to use herbs during rituals
$10.00 $8.00