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Pay Me Hand Necklace

Use this “Mystic Winning Hand” To Get and Draw Money to you, Quick! Get power and control over your finances, by Pulling in the money you need to get things you need and want, soon.

Wearing or carrying this powerful Pay Me Hand Necklace will grant you the power to receive and get money from different sources.
- Get and Draws Money to you very quick!!
- Hit that winning number in the lottery
- Win BIG at ANY casino game
- Get a much needed Raise at your job
- Collect Money fast - from those who owe you
- 3-Day Money Pulling Power can help you in financial emergencies
- Gain power and control over your finances
- Attract money to pay your Bills and get out of debt!!
- Afford that new car, home or apartment you've always wanted
- Gives you help with any money problems

Never be broke again ! Never be tight on funds ! Get the money your deserve and fast!                       

Pay Me Hand Necklace comes with a 24" chain & Free Lucky Red Carrying Bag

Picture of 1 Silver Necklace
1 Silver Necklace
SKU: J4204
Picture of 1 Gold Necklace
1 Gold Necklace
SKU: J4204G
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