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Popular Jewelry

These are some of our BEST SELLERS! They have brought luck and good fortune to those who wear or carry them. Choose the right one for you and BELIEVE! Very beautiful and effective pieces!

Casino Jackpot Necklace

This powerful necklace can help you to hit the jackpot! Win BIG at any Casino game! This is to be worn or carried before gambling. You will have magnetic pulling power to pull BIG MONEY! Go home rich!
From $10.00

Gambler's Secret Necklace

Successful Gamblers are using this Gold Secret Necklace with great success. Good luck for any type of Gambler- Big or small. Get the “Winning Forces” on your side so You can Hit that Winning Number!
From $10.00

Genie Lamp Necklace

This Genie Necklace grants the wearer up to 7 wishes! Finally get what you have been asking for! It Comes with the Silver Genie Lamp with Silver chain to match and complete easy to follow instructions.
From $10.00

Good Luck 4 Leaf Clover Jewelry Set

Wear or carry both of these (Bracelet & Necklace) for DOUBLE LUCK! Attract good luck in ALL things in ALL areas of your life- job, school, family, health, money problems so you will be successful. Also Lucky to wear when playing any casino or number games—to help you Hit & get on a winning streak! This genuine 4 leaf clover set will help keep the money rolling in and lady luck on your side. Works like a charm!
$15.00 $12.95

Good Luck Crystal Necklace

May the Power of the Clear Quartz Crystal Gemstone help you get what you want and bring fast luck to you for any condition. Turn your life around with positive and lucky vibrations!
From $10.00

Lucky 7 Gamblers Good Luck Necklace

This necklace is good for any game or casino: Bingo, River Boat Gambling, Dice or Craps, Lottery games, Horse Races, Cards, Slot Machines, and many more! HIT THAT WINNING NUMBER WITH LUCKY NUMBER 7!
From $10.00

Lucky Lottery Hand Necklace

Helps you HIT the WINNING NUMBER with the "MAGICAL" All-Seeing Eye! It holds special drawing powers to pull the NUMBERS YOU WANT! Win big money now with this all seeing magical winning lottery hand!
From $10.00

Master Brain Necklace

From $11.00

Miracle Money Stone Necklace

This necklace is very powerful in giving the wearer a money miracle. When you feel like all hope is gone and you need money bad then just wear this money drawing necklace and watch the money start rolling in! Get money from any source! Rub it when playing games of chance and scratch lottery tickets with it!
From $10.00

Money Buddha Necklace

Wear this lucky Buddha to have money be drawn to you from ALL SOURCES! Pull money and luck your way and change the way you live. Have Buddha luck and be HAPPY!
From $10.00

Money Tree

Wear this money tree necklace to make you richer, happier, and luckier than you have ever been. Huge money blessings can be yours soon!
From $10.00

Passion Heart Love Vial

Fill Your Passion Love Vial with: - Beach Sand - Perfume - Lock of Hair - Wish/ Prayer Scroll - Your Imagination The possibilities are Endless!
$50.00 $24.95

Pay Me Hand Necklace

Use this “Mystic Winning Hand” To Get and Draw Money to you, Quick! Get power and control over your finances, by Pulling in the money you need to get things you need and want, soon.
From $12.95

Protection Against All Evil Sword and Power Stone

This necklace will Break any Voodoo and Witchcraft Spells! Turns back Evil and be Protectd from all Evil around you or your home! This piece creates a Protective Shield that will fight off all evil and keep you safe!
From $10.00

Stop Evil Necklace + Free Oil

Carry or wear to destroy all evil, jinx, and demons that come your way! Send back and reverse all evil. Comes with a 24 inch chain and a FREE bottle of Turn Back Evil Oil! Use the oil for Double Protection.
From $10.00

The All Powerful King Tut Necklace

Wear this and behold Amazing Drawing Powers! Achieve your dreams! Helps you Draw Money and Luck in a Hurry and Gives you the power to Conquer and Control Situations as well as the Ability to Turn Back and Reverse all Evil or Harm.
$19.98 $12.95

Triple Power Lucky Millionaire's

Wear as a necklace or carry it as a pocket piece. Get the things you want and deserve with this Lucky Millionaire's Necklace and Pocket Piece! This will help unblock your money problems and guide you too huge riches so you will never be broke again! It shows the three powerful symbols of Luck! HORSESHOE, 4 LEAF CLOVER, AND LUCKY NUMBER 7!!!
From $10.00

XXX Lucky Mojo Coin with Free Green Bag & Oil

This Lucky Mojo Coin has 21 lucky symbols including the wishbone, 4 leaf clover, lucky no. 7, rabbits foot, lucky horseshoe, lucky elephant, magic genie lamp, horn of plenty, the eye of good fortune and much more!
$45.00 $12.95

Black Cat Bone Bracelet

Draws Money to you quickly and helps you hold on to it. Also, a powerful good luck charm when trying to win at any Casino or gambling game. The power of the Black Cat is also known to Drive Away and Cast off Evil.
$12.95 $9.95

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