These are some of our BEST SELLERS! They have brought luck and good fortune to those who wear or carry them. Choose the right one for you and BELIEVE! Very beautiful and effective pieces!

7 African Powers Orisha Power Necklace

These 7 heavenly spirits who were so powerful in life, can now help you from the heavens above. They are known to bring Fast Luck, Abundance, High Conquering Power, and Protection Against All evil, danger and harm. They are a Powerful Spiritual Force that could be used to help you achieve your utmost desires.

Chango Orisha Power Necklace

(or Shango) - This most popular Orisha is seen as the god of Power, Beauty, Courage and Strength and is seen as the Symbol of fire, thunder and lighting. A brave, generous powerful friend is one who symbolizes Chango. St. Barbara is his patron saint. Both are very powerful in fighting and defeating your enemies. Gain victory and power over all evil!

Elegua Orisha Power Necklace

He opens roads and doors to success. He is the messenger of god who sees the truth and brings justice to any cause or problem. He will get for you, what you want and deserve - from anyone. He is a great healer who sees all and his spells are impossible to destroy. He is a powerful force whose patron saint is St. Anthony - the miracle worker, master of finances, and he who finds and returns lost or stolen items.

Obatala Orisha Power Necklace

He is known as the King of White Cloth, as he stands for Peace, Purity, Cleansing (removal of all negative forces and energy). His patron saint is Our Lady of Mercy - who brings help to the poor & sick and wisdom & knowledge to the needy.

Ogun Orisha Power Necklace

This black man was known to be a fighter for those who were honest and hard-working and good people. He could be destructive and brutal, but he would "win" because he was right and justified in his cause. His patron saint is St. Peter (the rock whom Jesus Christ built his church upon).

Orunla Orisha Power Necklace

This man was attractive, wise, patient and he is the holy Diviner, as he has an uncanny talent to see the future. He finds solutions to all problems, great and small - both human and divine. He will "let you see" all truth - present, past and future. His patron saint is St. Francis - lover of all humans and animals.

Oshun Orisha Power Necklace

This young great lady spreads happiness & joy to all those around her. She is a woman of intelligence & confidence, who loves music and dancing and all sensual pleasures. Follow her and you will attract all the good things in life you so desire. Her secret charm will follow you and enable you to win over whoever you want- sexually & otherwise. She is known also as the Giver of Fertility. Her patron saint is Lady of La Caridad (Charity) del Cobre- the Virgin Mother of Gold- as she was so richly adorned with the most precious jewels; but who worked many miracles. She gives faith and hope, to all.

Yemaya Orisha Power Necklace

She is the goddess of the Waters who brings in Abundance, Prosperity & Good Luck. She is irresistible to others; so if you want to be so, then follow her. She brings riches and with her help, All things are possible for you! Her patron saint is Our Lady of Regla- strong, powerful & indestructible. You will be protected always, if you follow her.

"Goode" Luck Necklace

NEVER BE BROKE AGAIN! This super charged money drawing charm comes from Brazil! The Money Pulling Powers will prevent you from ever going Broke! DRAW AND HOLD YOUR MONEY! Not only will this provide money but it will give you GOOD LUCK wherever you GO!
$12.95 $9.95

Alligator Eye Necklace

Draws Money and Luck! Loosens and Unblocks money that is tied up or owed to you. Never be broke again when you wear or carry this lucky Alligators Eye necklace!
From $7.99

Ankh Cross Necklace

This powerful Ankh Cross is an Ancient Symbol worn by the Great Kings of Egypt. It is carried or worn as an Amulet to bring strength and good health. It is said to be the "Key to Life". It will protect you and bring you success wherever you go or whatever you do in life. It also displays a powerful center stone that drives away all evil. Comes with a black rope necklace.
$14.95 $12.95

Bat Eye Necklace

Carry or Wear this Bat's Eye Charm to scare away all evil - return it to where it came from. This necklace will give you the strength and courage to deafeat any unwanted things! Gives protection too!
From $7.99

Black Cat Eye Necklace

Gives you luck in a hurry! Wear or carry this Lucky Cat Necklace to pull money and luck to you - QUICK! Use it when gambling, taking a test, at work, lottery, casino and more! YOU CAN WIN TODAY!
From $7.99

Black Jade Stop Evil & Protection Necklace

This Black Jade necklace with the Lucky Protection Eye - turns back all evil upon contact. Wear or carry with you to always be protected from evil, harm, jealousy, and spell castings! This black jade stone "sees" all evil and sends it right back to the sender. Works to fight any voodoo or witchcraft.
$16.95 $12.95

Break-Up Neckalce

Break up any relationship that is hurting you or getting in your way! FOR MEN OR WOMEN. Stop your lover from seeing other people. Stop your lover from cheating or keep other men/women away from your man/woman.
From $9.50

Casino Jackpot Necklace

This powerful necklace can help you to hit the jackpot! Win BIG at any Casino game! This is to be worn or carried before gambling. You will have magnetic pulling power to pull BIG MONEY! Go home rich!
From $10.00

CLEARANCE: Thor's Hammer Necklace

The hammer of Thor, God of Thunder and lightning symbolizes strength and power. This hammer is worn for psychic protection.
From $7.99

Cleopatra Love Pewter Necklace

Gives Strength and power to your unique love situation - Attract or Draw who you want! Make your love or sex life stronger - Whatever desires you have - Cleopatra can help!
From $10.00

Controlling Necklace

YOU NEED CONTROL IN YOUR LIFE! This necklace will give you power in controlling others around you. Get those people to listen to you and obey your commands!
From $11.00

Crystal Dragon Claw Necklace

It's beleived to control others, stop evil, attract money, true love and much more. Be protected from bad influences and negative vibrations. Attract Power!
$21.95 $14.98

Double Action Reversible Necklace

This is a 2 in 1 jewlery piece. It turns back anything bad or evil and draws to you whatever you need and want! Get rid of the bad and get the good!
$15.00 $7.98

Drive Away Evil Necklace

This Lion's Necklace will give you the courage and strength you need to overcome tough problems in life! Have Power To Make It Through The Day!
From $11.00

Extra Strong Lucky Horseshoe

Horseshoes have been a symbol of good luck for many years! They really are lucky! This lucky horseshoe will give you power and good luck all the time as long as you wear, or carry it with you. Make this your lucky charm today!
From $11.00

Extra Strong True Love Necklace

This necklace draws extra strong true love between you and your lover. Wear it so your lover finds you irresistible or use it top draw that special someone you have been wanting. Have your dreams come true!
From $11.00

Eye Of Protection Necklace

This Incredible Eye from The Holy Land (middle of Jerusalem) will protect you from ALL HARM! Stop suffering and be protected! Be free from enemies wanting to do you harm and stop jealous people from ruining your luck!
From $10.00

Fiery Dragon Necklace

Let the power of the Fiery Dragon cast off and drive away all evil spirits, forces, and vibrations that have gotten inside you and your home. Smash and destroy all voodoo, hoodoo, witchcraft, hexes, curses, jinxes and more. Sleep well and have piece of mind!
From $10.00

Gambler's Secret Necklace

Successful Gamblers are using this gold secret necklace with great success. Good luck for any type of gambler - big or small. Get the “Winning Forces” on your side so you can hit that winning number!
From $10.00

Genie Lamp Necklace

This Genie Necklace grants the wearer up to 7 wishes! Finally get what you have been asking for! It Comes with the Silver Genie Lamp with Silver chain to match and complete easy to follow instructions.
From $10.00

Good Luck 4 Leaf Clover Necklace- Silver

This symbol of good luck and good fortune will assist you in eveything you do! Have Money and Luck when wearing or carrying this Necklace or pocket piece. Multiply your Good Luck by 10!
From $10.00

Good Luck Crystal Necklace

May the Power of the Clear Quartz Crystal Gemstone help you get what you want and bring fast luck to you for any condition. Turn your life around with positive and lucky vibrations!
From $10.00