These are some of our BEST SELLERS! They have brought luck and good fortune to those who wear or carry them. Choose the right one for you and BELIEVE! Very beautiful and effective pieces!

Lucky "4" Conquer All Necklace

Four lucky symbols all on one necklace! This charm necklace carries The Holy Hand for turning back evil and give protection from harm, the Horseshoe is for luck in all things you do, the Dove brings peace, wisdom and understanding, and the Amethyst crstal is for Almgihty Power and Control in all situations. Combined these charms help you conquer your worst problems while bringing you great luck! Comes with 24" chain necklace.
$15.00 $9.99

Lucky 7 Gamblers Good Luck Necklace

This necklace is good for any game or casino: Bingo, River Boat Gambling, Dice or Craps, Lottery games, Horse Races, Cards, Slot Machines, and many more! HIT THAT WINNING NUMBER WITH LUCKY NUMBER 7!
From $10.00

Lucky Bingo Necklace

It's your turn to finally SHOUT BINGO!!! Wear or carry this neckalce everytime you go play Bingo and you will see lot's of LUCK your way!
$12.95 $8.95

Lucky Black Cat Necklace

Turn your luck around Fast! Break any jinx put on you so you can have good luck come your way! This lucky black cat reverses curses or spells and protects you from future attacks. Be lucky and curse free!
$9.00 $7.98

Lucky Fat Cat Money Necklace

Hit That Winning Number and be a Jackpot Winner TODAY! You will be the LUCKY WINNER when wearing or carying this piece!
$11.99 $7.99

Lucky Gambler's Necklace

GET LUCK IN; Races, Numbers, Lottery, Bingo, Cards, Casino's, and other games of chance! This Gamblers Necklace is one of a kind - it carries the ultimate lucky numbers (7 & 11) and is sealed with lucky gamblers dice. This piece is sure to bring you luck, money, and BIG WINNINGS!!!! Wear or carry when playing any games of chance! It is attractive and very effective!
From $11.00

Lucky Lottery Hand Necklace

Helps you HIT the WINNING NUMBER with the "MAGICAL" All-Seeing Eye! It holds special drawing powers to pull the NUMBERS YOU WANT! Win big money now with this all seeing magical winning lottery hand!
From $10.00

Master Brain Necklace

From $6.99

Miracle Money Stone Necklace

This necklace is very powerful in giving the wearer a money miracle. When you feel like all hope is gone and you need money bad then just wear this money drawing necklace and watch the money start rolling in! Get money from any source! Rub it when playing games of chance and scratch lottery tickets with it!
From $10.00

Miracle Worker Necklace

Call on PEGASUS to break through tough situations! This unusual winged horse of a creature is a symbol of mysterious powers which human still don't understand. However his strength will help BUST THROUGH ALMOST ANY BLOCK!
From $11.00

Money Buddha Necklace

Wear this lucky Buddha to have money be drawn to you from ALL SOURCES! Pull money and luck your way and change the way you live. Have Buddha luck and be HAPPY!
From $10.00

Money Drawing Pyramid

This necklace is pre-energized and magnetized so that positive money pulling power will come to you QUICK! This will give you fast luck at all gambling games and money situations! Acheive wealth and live the life you always wanted. COMES WITH A 24" GOLD CHAIN.
From $10.00

Money Pull Elephant Necklace

Carry or wear this symbol of Good Luck and Money Pulling Powers! Get what you want FAST! This lucky elephant will guide you to riches, success, and everything lucky! Be at the right place at the right time!
From $10.00

Money Release Necklace

*Get someone to let go of their MONEY *GOOD LUCK in gambling and Bingo *Draw MONEY from people that owe you *Release MONEY in a lawsuit *Release MONEY from loan companies *Get a WAGE INCREASE or RAISE on the job!
$15.00 $12.95

Money Tree Necklace

Wear this money tree necklace to make you richer, happier, and luckier than you have ever been. Huge money blessings can be yours soon!
From $6.99

Powerful Cross of Protection Necklace

Wear or carry for Protection against all evil, harm, jealousy—so you can be strong and blessed. Protects you against all trouble, bad luck, spells & curses, all danger, gossip, hoodoo, and from people who pretend to be your friends (enemies). Feel free, joyous and cleansed of all negative forces—so you can stop suffering and be happy!
$25.00 $19.95

Prosperity Frog Necklace

This Prosperity Frog brings good fortune and luck wherever he goes. Wear this necklace to increase your wealth and success. The ancient chinese believed that keeping a frog near you when spending money, will casue the money to return to you. In addition to drawing money to you, this prosperity frog also keeps away evil and protects you and your property from enemies or bad luck. Hold onto your money and live wealthy!
$14.95 $9.99

Rattlesnake Necklace

This is a SUPER CHARGED necklace used to: Chase away evil spirits, demons, and enemies. Keeps away any trouble-some people. Removes any Jinx or Hex thats been put on you by enemies, dead or alive.
$11.99 $7.99

Reversible Gemstone Power Necklace

This powerful ArrowHead Gemstones Necklace will turn your luck around and get rid of all bad luck. Reverse all evil curses and jinx and be lucky - have it all!
From $10.00

Snake Necklace

Wear or Carry this necklace to break all spells, hexes and curses. Make the Devil Run from you! Do not be under the hand of evil!
$12.00 $7.99

Sterling Silver Genie Lamp Necklace

Grants up to 7 Wishes, Sterling Silver Chain for wearing, also. We honestly believe this BLESSED STERLING SILVER GENIE LAMP can work Instant Miracles for you.
$100.00 $49.95

Stop Evil Necklace

Carry or wear to destroy all evil, jinx, and demons that come your way! Send back and reverse all evil. Comes with a 24 inch chain and a FREE bottle of Turn Back Evil Oil! Use the oil for Double Protection.
From $10.00

The All Powerful King Tut Necklace

Wear this and behold Amazing Drawing Powers! Achieve your dreams! Helps you Draw Money and Luck in a Hurry and Gives you the power to Conquer and Control Situations as well as the Ability to Turn Back and Reverse all Evil or Harm.
$19.98 $12.95

The Lucky Hand Gambler's Necklace

The lucky hand combined with the crystal ball sets up a magnetically charged field force that acts like a money drawing power magnet! It will bring the wearer many winning's and riches!
From $10.00

The Lucky Monkey Necklace

Wear this lucky monkey necklace with tiger's eye stone to change all your bad luck into good luck. Bust through all blocks and jinx. Rest easy and be free from any trouble, harm, danger, evil or enemies you may have. Also known to bring the wearer BIG MONEY and puts you on a HOT WINNING STREAK!
$11.99 $7.99

Triple Luck Elephant Necklace

Let this Elephant Necklace fight your problems for you with Strength, Power, and Luck! This necklace will guide you through life's battles. Be Safe and be Very Lucky! Also wins you money when playing games of chance!
From $11.00

Triple Power Lucky Millionaire's Necklace

Wear as a necklace or carry it as a pocket piece. Get the things you want and deserve with this Lucky Millionaire's Necklace and Pocket Piece! This will help unblock your money problems and guide you too huge riches so you will never be broke again! It shows the three powerful symbols of Luck! HORSESHOE, 4 LEAF CLOVER, AND LUCKY NUMBER 7!!!
From $10.00

Triple Strength Controlling Power Necklace

Wear this for those hard to control problems. It will put YOU IN CONTROL and help you to handle any difficult situations. People will start listening to you and do what you say! Take control of otehrs and yourslef with this POWERFUL CONTROLLING neckalce!
$20.00 $12.95

Wolf Eye Necklace

Wear or carry to Conquer and Control all problems with Power! This Wolf's Eye is power packed with defense power and strength! It will help you overcome any obstacle and open the roads to success!
From $7.99

Good Luck Horseshoe Necklace

Wear or carry to bring fast luck in all things! It works great for all situations including money, love, health and more!
$10.00 $5.98