These bracelets are decorative as much as they are powerful! Each color and bead represents and fulfills a unique purpose! Choose the right one for your conditions!

Black Power Bead Bracelet

Stop and reverse all evil and send it back where it came from, for good. Makes the devil run far, and fast! Also good for making enemies or any evil persons move away from you and stay away from you, forever!
$10.95 $8.95

Cat's Eye Power Bead Bracelet

Brings you Fast Luck with any problem you have. Brings money for bills and luck in a hurry for any problems or conditions.
$10.95 $8.95

Coral Power Bead Bracelet

Control all problems and situations. Make others obey and do as you say. Bust through any block holding you down and clear the path to open roads.
$10.95 $8.95

Crystal Power Bead Bracelet

Believed to have Magical Powers, many reverends also believed this stone to be a "Miracle Worker" -Able to Stop all Negative Evil Forces near or around you, while giving you the power to get what you want!
$10.00 $8.95

Pink Power Bead Bracelet

Attraction for; only those things positive and good for you. These super drawing powers can bring that Special Person, Job or Situation into your life so you can turn your luck and life around. Be Happy, Successful and Prosperous!
$10.95 $8.95

Purple Power Bead Bracelet

Conquer, Control and Master all of your problems and worst situation. Don't be miserable anymore - stop suffering! Knowledge and wisdom will be yours. Also good for stopping any and Addiction!
$10.95 $8.95

Ruby Jasper Power Bead Bracelet

Makes your love stronger and Arouses your flaming passion in your partner. Draws the person you want closer to you, so they want to see only you! Be happy mentally and Sexually!
$10.95 $8.95

Serpentine Power Bead Bracelet

Breaks any spells or curse placed on anyone- dead or alive. Breaks Jinx and Hexes cast on you by evil people. Drives away all danger and harm sent to you by those using voodoo hoodoo and witchcraft. Be Protected from all Evil!
$10.95 $8.95

Turquoise Power Bead Bracelet

Good health and healing. Helps stops the aches and pains so you can move about much better. Stops confusion in the head and brings peace of mind. Feel better and stop suffering so much. Also your nerves will relax, so you can sleep better.
$10.95 $8.95

7 Colors Gemstone Bracelet

Wear this bracelet and be a stronger person in all aspects of life. Yellow for Honor and Success, Red for Love and Leadership, Amber for Control of others and Yourself, Green for Luck and Money, Blue for Wisdom and Protection, Light Blue for Healing and Peace, Purple for Protection and Spirituality, and Black for Fighting off all things Evil and Negative.
From $10.00

7 Elephants Gemstone Bracelet

Achieve everything your heart desires with the help of the 7 Elephant Gemstone Bracelet.

7 Powers Chakras Gemstone Bracelet

These asorted gemstones work with the spiritual pulse points in your body to relieve and eliminate pain, tension , and anxiety. It will open your heart, stimulate energy and heal you to give you rest so you may finally sleep well. Find balance in all aspects of your life- let this chakra bracelet work for you!
From $10.00

Against Arthritis Gemstone Bracelet

Always carry or wear this bracelet for your Arthritis or Rheumatism to disappear. It will help give your joints the strength you need to perform any task.
From $10.00

Against Bad Luck Gemstone Bracelet

Turn back your bad luck! This bracelet can be your shield of protection. It can help to eliminate Bad Luck, Misfortune and also protect you from harm. Get some fast luck now!
From $10.00

Against Diabetes Gemstone Bracelet

This charm can help you eliminate your diabetes. It is believed that these two gemstones can act as purifiers of your blood for proper circulation and control of your blood sugar levels.
From $10.00

Against Envy and Revenge Gemstone Bracelet

This bracelet has been prepared so that neither jealousy or envy by an enemy can harm you. These gemstones act as a shield against peeople that want to hurt you. The jealous people will admire you and the revengeful will ask for forgiveness.
From $10.00

Against Jealousy and Envy Gemstone Bracelet

These three stones act as a shield against jealousy and envy, eliminating negative energy. Keeps away bad influences from your life. Don't let jealous people rule your life anymore!!
From $10.00

Against Witchcraft Gemstone Bracelet

This is charged with positive energy and it will keep all witchcraft from you, your home, or family. It will also keep away evil plots against you, and keep away bad spirits and negative energy that may cause you harm.
From $10.00

All Protection Bracelet

Be protected from all evil forces. Have good health, higher self-esteem, and better love relationships. Keep away stress and depression and attracts money and gets rid of all negative energy. Be protected from all evil, enemies, jealousy, accidents, and all harm.
From $10.00

Aphrodisiac/Sex Power Gemstone Bracelet

This Aphrodisiac/Sex Power gemstone is super charged with sexual energy. They can get rid of sexual problems you may have. they can also make you irresistible to your lover. Have the power to give and receive the passion of love you deserve.
From $10.00

Attract Money Gemstone Bracelet

Wear this bracelet when engaging in financial situations or gambling. It will draw money to you quick to pay your bills and help you get the things you need and want. Live free of debt and get financial rewards!
From $10.00

Cats's Eye for Good Luck Gemstone Bracelet

Whoever uses Cat's eye can see and pick the winning numbers for Lotto, dice, cards, slot machines, bingo, and any other game of chance. Finally hit that winning number!
From $10.00

Come Back To Me Gemstone Power Bracelet

People use this Gemstone Bracelet to bring back a lover, life partner, or girlfriend/boyfriend. It will soften them up and make them desire you again to see you for who you really are. They will respect you and listen to you once again.
From $10.00

Come To Me Gemstone Power Bracelet

With the help of this Gemstone Power Bracelet you will draw the one you love close to you. People use this talisman to draw a man or a woman. They will have eyes for you and only you with great desire and passion. Get the person you wan so you can finally be lucky in love.
From $10.00

Control Your Eating Habits Gemstone Bracelet

This talisman will give you the strength and will power to control your appetite so you can lose weight. The stones will prevent you from binge eating even when your under stress. Look and Feel Good once and for all! Do not suffer from over eating - get in shape, lose weight, and be healthy!
From $10.00

Court Case and Legal Problems Gemstone Bracelet

Have no more fear in losing your case. WIN YOUR CASE! Make the judge rule in your favor with the power of these stones. The power in the stones is multiplied when it receives warmth from your fingertips. Good results!
From $10.00

Do As I Say Gemstone Bracelet

With this bracelet you get absolute control over the person you want. Always wear or carry this bracelet and do not take it off. Make them do as you wish and have the last word and they will DO AS YOU SAY!
From $10.00

Domination Gemstone Bracelet

Do you want Power over Others? Women, have your man under control! Men, have your women under your control!
From $11.00

Evil Eye Gemstone Bracelet

Be protected against all evil, harm, danger, or jealousy. When you wear it or carry it you will be protected from the evil eye. It can also protect you from bad luck or illness.
From $10.00

Fertility Gemstone Bracelet

This charm can help those couples who have not been able to conceive a baby yet. With the combination of these stones, and lots of faith, you can be blessed with the baby you have been desiring.
From $10.00