These POWERFUL DRAWING perfumes have been perfected to help you in extreme cases. When all else fails, you need to go with the strongest - use daily for maximum results! Apply after you bathe or before you go to bed.

Black Gold/Money Triple Strength Perfume

Wear this powerful perfumed oil (Unisex) daily to destroy all money blocks or any forces keeping you from winning, drawing or holding onto your money.
$25.00 $19.95

Triple Strength Fast Luck/Success Perfume

Wear this powerful perfumed oil (Unisex) daily to bring you Luck in a Hurry for all your needs: whether it be job or work related, family life, court/legal issues, money matters, or love/relationship matters or if you need help hitting that winning number or casino jackpot!
$25.00 $17.95

Holy Land River Jordan (High John the Conqueror) Perfume

This powerful and strong perfume conquers your worst conditions and turns back all evil. This perfume has traces of the power that comes from the Mystic and Powerful River Jordan! (Comes with a High John the Conqueror Root in the bottle)
$13.95 $7.98

Holy Land River Jordan (Lodestone)

Draws anything to you like a magnet! This powerful perfume has traces of the Mystic and Powerful River Jordan for Fast Relief! Make your wish and watch it come true! Magnetic lodestone inside bottle.
$13.95 $7.98

Holy Perfume with Jerusalem Cross

Stop enemies and confusion immediately! Carry the cross with you or put it near your bed to Turn Back Evil. Wear this perfume to help trap the devil and make him go away for good! (Beautiful wooden crucifix)
From $6.65

Lucky Rabbit's Foot and Perfumed Oil

Use for FAST LUCK in EVERYTHING, especially games of chance!
From $6.65

Destroys Witchcraft (Spells) Perfume

Specially handcrafted perfume designed to destroy or remove any kind of hex, curse, spell, jinx, witchcraft or voodoo that threatens to hurt you.
$20.00 $9.95

Spell Breaker Perfume

Powerful perfume from Central America breaks any and all spells on you- done by anyone. Large 2 oz glass bottle. What does this perfume help with? Destroys witchcraft, voodoo or black magic. Be protected, always!
$13.95 $9.95

Rose of Good Fortune Potion

Powerful liquid used in churches to drive away evil spirits. Also, has amazing cleansing powers when applied to the body. Gives the wearer Spiritual power and guidance- especially in love matters.
$18.95 $12.95

CLEARANCE: Powerful Products of South America: Tie Your Man "Powerful Love Potion"

Apply daily for 7 Days in a row, as a perfume or body splash; sprinkling on your chest, thigh and neck, say your prayer to achieve the desires results.
$25.00 $4.99