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Gemstones have been carried by powerful people since the beginning of time. They have been known to control and influence many conditions. They work great for many things including; love, protection, power, controlling and even luck! They are also used to help draw to you whatever you need and desire. Our gemstones come with a blessed carrying bag and a special oil to anoint your stone for even more power! Anoint your stones weekly by putting 3 small drops on your hands, rub the stone and carry it in you purse or pocket. The more you carry them - the more they work!

Powerful Gemstone Amazonite

Are you trying to loose weight? Trying to stop drinking ? Smoking or drugs? This powerful stone can help you break free from any bad habit. They give you the will power to overcome any obstacles that hold you down.
From $5.00

Powerful Gemstone Amethyst

This stone will give you power and control! It will help you conquer all of your problems and conditions - what ever they may be!
From $5.00

Powerful Gemstone Aventurine

Carry this stone when you are looking for that perfect job, or carry it it when you ask for a raise or promotion.
From $5.00

Powerful Gemstone Black Agate

Carry this stone with you to Stop and Turn Back Evil and all Enemies! Stop Evil in in tracks and Make Satan be gone for good!
From $5.00

Powerful Gemstone Blue Agate

Block any Confusing Thoughts with this beautiful stone. It will give you Peace of Mind.
From $5.00

Powerful Gemstone Carnelian

This stone gives you Fast Luck and Success in all things! It also helps you control most situations and have others do as you say! Be lucky and in control!
From $5.00

Powerful Gemstone Clear Quartz

This stone is used for Healing and Good Health. It will protect you, cleanse you, and bless you!
From $5.00

Powerful Gemstone Green Jasper

Helps your children improve the chances of being a success in school and in life. Helps them in getting a good paying job and staying out of trouble.
From $5.00

Powerful Gemstone Hematite

This stone helps to remove all jinxed and crossed conditions! Gets rid of the evil inside of you and makes the Devil run far and fast! Repel Evil and Attract Luck!
From $5.00

Powerful Gemstone Jasper

Keep this powerful stone with you to feel Joy and Happiness. Also carry it to strengthen the bonds between you and your friends! This stone makes relationships stronger!
From $5.00

Powerful Gemstone Lapis

This stone is also known as "The stone of the universal eye" and has been known to bring Supernatural Powers and Wisdom to those who possess it. It is also very good for concentrating and passing tests!
From $5.00

Powerful Gemstone Malachite

Use this stone to increase your luck in any game of chance! Draw BIG MONEY and Hit the Jackpots! Carry it for good luck in lottery and other casino games.
From $5.00

Powerful Gemstone Petrified Wood

Use this stone for Protection against Danger, Harm, and Jealousy. It helps protect you from your enemies, bad neighbors, and "so-called" friends.
From $5.00

Powerful Gemstone Pyrite

If you put this stone under your pillow, you will have Lucky Dreams! Keep those nightmares away and dream pleasant things! It is said to give you Lucky Number Dreams to Win at Number Games!
From $5.00

Powerful Gemstone Red Agate

Hold this stone while saying the names of any two people you wish to break-up or separate. If it is your wish, YOU will be the object of desire! Make your lover have eyes for you and you ONLY!
From $5.00

Powerful Gemstone Rose Quartz

Use this stone to Draw that special Man or Woman in your life. Find your life partner or use it to make your current love situation Stronger and Truer than ever before!
From $5.00

Powerful Gemstone Sodalite

Brings you Success in any Court Case or Lawsuit! If you carry this powerful stone with you, you will turn the decision in your favor and WIN YOUR CASE! Make the judge and jury rule in YOUR FAVOR!
From $5.00

Powerful Gemstone Tiger Eye

Protection against all evil, hexes, voodoo and any other witchcraft! Get rid of evil demons and spirits from the dead. This stone protects you from evil forces and also gives you strength and courage when you need it!
From $5.00

Powerful Gemstone Serpentine

Also known as the "Snake Stone" this powerful gemstone makes the devil run far and fast away from you. Destroys curses, jinx, and spells - also cleanses the heart chakra.
From $5.00

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