Powerful Products of South America: Tie Your Man "Powerful Love Potion"

Apply daily for 7 Days in a row, as a perfume or body splash; sprinkling on your chest, thigh and neck, say your prayer to achieve the desires results.
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Apply daily for 7 days in a row, as a perfume or body splash; sprinkle on your chest, thigh and neck. After eash use, pray the following to get powerful results: 

"O Lord, Bestow upon me the sacred power of these herbs & plants contained inside for Good Luck (Rue, Chamomile, Marjoram, Absinthe, Rosemary, Laurel, Saffron & Sandalwood) Bring to me the 7 Powers of Happiness, Magnetism, Power, Attraction, Money, Good Health & Good Luck. May He (My Lover, Husband or Boyfriend) have eyes for ME ONLY - Keep him close and wanting me only - No other women, He (Say HIS name) will be Fixed, Bound & Tied to me (say YOUR name) Only. Grant me this wish, O'Lord. Amen" 


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