Praying Hands Candle Kit

Ask the Lord, Our God to Grant you Nine Wishes with the Almighty Power of this Special Praying Hands Candle. Ask and You will Receive God's Greatest Blessings!
SKU: K3141

If you're down and out and all jinxed and corssed up, then you need this kit. Stop Suffering, NOW! and Banish All Misery, today. This kit, with Your Wishes and Prayers, Can Help Conquer All Kind of Problems and Situations; Money, Luck, Love, Court Cases, Jinx, Witchcraft, Voodoo, The Devil, Family Problems, Drinking or Drug Problems or the Problems with children or grandchildren. Instructions Included with every Praying Hands Candle Kit.

This kit includes the following:
One White Praying Hands Candle
One Month Wall of Prayer
One Rev. Moses Blessed Oil

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