12 Hour Silver Votive Candle


Burn this candle to Gain Victory over all Evil. Dispels Gossip, Evil Spirits, Ghosts, and all other Negative Energies. Good for stopping gossip against you and keeping others out of your business!


Burn this candle to Drive away Evil! Good for removing Ghosts or Negative Spirits. If you feel a Cloud of Negative Energy around you always- burn this candle! You will have Victory over all of your troubles! Can also be effective in stopping gossip or negative talk about you. Keep people out of your business for good!


Burns for about 10 hours. 1″ tall, 1″wide. Can be dressed with any Reverend Moses Spiritual oils. For best results, burn on a small metal or glass (anything non-flammable) plate with your intentions written on parchment paper underneath the plate.


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