Blue Pyramid “Wishing” Candle Kit


This Blue Jasmine “Wishing” Candle Kit will bring you peace and tranquility fast! Helps to protect you from harm and remove all jinxes and hexes. Make all your wishes come true!

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Burning the Blue Jasmine scented pyramid candle will not only bring peace and tranquility into your life, but it will get rid of all jinxes or hexes that may be upon you. All pyramid “wishing” candle kits come with parchment paper and dove’s blood ink pen for you to write your wishes and desires and have them all come true! 

These pyramids are powerful, blessed, energized, scented, and magnetized for maximum strength!

They are good for 3 wishes!
*Comes with blessed pyramid candle, 3 pieces of parchment paper, and a dove’s blood ink pen, and easy instructions. Please make your wishes one at a time*


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