Green Pyramid Wishing Candle (Cherry)


Burn to Draw Money to you quick- from any source- family, job, lottery, friends, husbands, wives or from winnings & jackpots from any gambling game.

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This Spiritually powerful symbol- the Pyramid- is a supreme source of power and strengh. This 3 inch candle can help you draw money, prosperity, fast luck and good fortune in many areas of your life. Let God’s abundance rain on you. Be wealthy and enjoy the good easy life you so richly deserve! Burn 3 candles at a time, for Extra Power.

Attract, Attain and create a Drawing Power and Magnetic Force powerful to overcome anything that is blocking your money and stopping you from having money that you need to live comfortably. Burn this candle at a quiet time and Concentrate on your desires while burning. Faith moves Mountains. May you be foreve blessed. 


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