Simple Spells with Playing Cards


Shuffle an Ordinary Deck of playing cards for love, luck and immediate prosperity.

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Shuffle an Ordinary Deck of playings cards to receive immediate luck, love and prosperity. The cards are living entities & day all have their own personalities. Use them to your advantage! 

Maria D’Andrea tells you how to see the future and cast spells with an ordinary deck of playing cards. Now you can go beyond card games of mere “chance” and into the infinite! 

 The origin of playing cards is shrouded in the mists of time. Some historians trace them to the ancient Egyptians, others to the Chinese or medieval Italy, still others to the Romany gypsies seen so often in pop culture portrayals of fortune tellers. Whereever they come from, an ordinary deck of 52 playing cards are not mere “playthings” bu are instead a mystical link to the great unknown. Anyone can master their use with diligent practice – and being born with supernatural powers i not required!

The cards are like living entities! 

  Learn how individual cards are like living entities with personalities and traits all their own. The king of clubs, for example, humane, upright and affectionate, while the king of diamonds is continually fuming in his stubborn, vegeful wrath. The cards form a cast of characters enacting a drama that can give insight into your future and alert you to dangers you never previously imagined.

Saturday night poker with the boys will never be the same

 But one doesn’t have to passively accept the fortune meted out by the seemingly, “random” way the cards fall. Read Maria D’Andrea’s spells involving the use of playing cards. She explains how the careful laying out of ordinary cards, when combined with the use of candles, incense and the recitation of ritual words, can make the “higher powers” do your bidding. You are in control of your future with Maria’s methods and are not subject to the whims of unseen forces working through artful pieces of cardboard. This is a golden opportunity to gaze upon and control the future – from a perspective of self-determination – that you can’t afford to miss.

After reading this book you will think of playing cards in a totally diferent way every time you go to shuffle a deck. Saturday night poker with the “boys” will soon take on a whole new meaning.

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