Three Wise Men General Dream Book (2023- Available Now!)


The ORIGINAL LUCKY Three Wise Men General Dream Book 2023 – Digit Calendar for Lottery Selections. The science of numbers revealed!

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The Original Three Wise Men Dream Book Lottery Selections – Interprets dreams and their number meanings. Learn the science of numbers now!  Horsocopes- Lotto Selections- Number Vibrations- Master Key System- Hitting Records- Calendar Good for All State Lotteries. Lucky Numbers for all popular dreams and words. 76 Pages

Includes Lottery Specials, Race Mutuels, Stocks and Bonds- 4 digit Specials, Pick 5 Favorites, Lotto Luck, Power Picks, and Mega Hits, too. Astrology lucky forecasts, Lucky Horoscope Numbers and Records of All-Straight Hits!

Vibration is Life- Without it there would be no life. The study of the law of vibrations through Numerology points the way to recording man’s vibrations and expressing them in numerical values. A popular list of daily number vibrations for the entire year.


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