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Dr. Pryor's 7 Holy Spirit Hyssop Bath Oil

This 7 Holy Spirit Hyssop Bath Oil has been especially formulated to bring the blessings and protection of Hyssop to yourself and your home. Sprinkle it within your ritual blessings to protect yourself from all evil.
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Nag Champa Natural Soap

Cast Off ALL Evil NOW with this rich lathering natural soap with the fragrance of Nag Champa, a mix of: Patchouli, Sandalwood, and Dragon's Blood.
$6.95 $4.99

Patchouli Soap

Helps to bring peace into your life. Gives you peace of mind during difficult times!
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Protection From Harm Triple Strength Soap

Protect yourself with this powerful cleansing and Protection From Harm Soap. Be safe from all harm, evil, and danger. Be protected from car accidents, evil people, jinx, bad luck, no good strangers, or any other physical injuries or harm. 3 oz Bar
From $4.50