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Rev. Moses Victory Over Evil Blessed/Dressed/Fixed Candle

Burn this candle to have supreme power and control over anyone who is plotting evil or spells against you. Your body and soul will be cleansed and free from evil that plagues you. Fight off all negative vibrations and feel good again! Candle comes with Blood Dove Ink Pen & Parchment Paper.

Reversible (Double Action) 7 Day Blessed Candle

This candle does two things - blocks all evil and bad luck and sends it back - while it draws good luck and money your way.
From $9.00

Saint Peregrine 7 Day Blessed Candle

Saint Peregrine Candle carry blessing and power for many years! Each Saint carries a special ability to help you through any condition. Choose the right one for you. For extra strength, dress your candles with our oils.
From $9.00