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Candle Burning Service

CAN'T BURN CANDLES AT HOME? NO PROBLEM - Tell us Your Condition(s) from the List Below - Limit 3 - and We Will Burn a Candle Here, just for You! Rev. Moses & Staff will write your personal desire or wish on a Piece of Blessed Parchment Paper with a Dove's Blood Ink Pen and Light your candle at just the right time, letting the Power of the candle magnetize & super-charge your request with Positive forces & vibrations to achieve MAXIMUM EFFECT!

Positively Positive Spell Book

Vanquish all Negativity in Your Life and Put on a Happy Face. Exclusively in this book - The History of Psychic and Occult art in America!

Protection Highest Quality Bath & Floor Wash

Wash away all negative vibrations and protect yourself from all things with this powerful Protection Wash. Use this formula for protection against, evil, enemies, accidents, and other dangers or harm. Feel safe again!
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